KAO Biore UV AQUA Rich Water Re-Essence SPF50+/PA++++ Sunscreen (50g)

    KAO Biore UV AQUA Rich Water Re-Essence SPF50+/PA++++ Sunscreen (50g)

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    Product ID : 192368378 Weight : 0.31 (kg or dimension) Model / SKU : N1-0416110020 Conditions : New

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    KAO Biore UV AQUA Rich Water Re-Essence SPF50+/PA++++ Sunscreen (50g)

    KAO Biore UV AQUA Rich Water Re-Essence SPF50+/PA++++ Sunscreen (50g)

    KAO Biore UV AQUA Rich Water Re-Essence SPF50+/PA++++ Sunscreen (50g)

    KAO Biore UV AQUA Rich Water Re-Essence SPF50+/PA++++ Sunscreen (50g)

    1) Sunscreen cream
    2) KAO Biore UV AQUA Rich Water Re-Essence is a strong ultraviolet ray blocking moisturizer
    It protects the skin firmly from strong ultraviolet rays, and prevents spots and freckles caused by sunburn. It also keeps out UV-A which causes lower skin elasticity
    3) Redness which is due to anti-inflammatory effect is also prevented with SPF50+, without any heavy feeling
    The UV cutting ingredients are contained in the gel, which feels "surprisingly" light
    4) Essence components (hyaluronic acid + royal jelly + Citrus MIX *) formulation (moisturizer)
    It does not leave a white mark after application
    5) It can also be used as a makeup base and can be removed easily with usual cleaning fee
    6) Fresh fruit aroma fragrance
    7) Ultraviolet ray blocking ingredients: ultraviolet absorber
    8) AQUA Rich Water Re-Essence feels light. Even though it is a refreshing essence, it cuts out strong ultraviolet rays.
    9) SPF 50 + / PA ++++
    9-1) Gel containing the UV component can be used on the whole body. It is fresh and pleasant to use.
    9-2) Combination of essence ingredients (moisturizing ingredients).
    Hyaluronic Acid + Royal Jelly Extract + Citrus Mix, Orange Extract, Grapefruit Extract, Lemon Extract
    10) For face / body
    10-1) Comfortable to wear as a water base.
    10-2) As a foundation it is a smooth finish.
    10-3) Allergy tested
    11) Component
    Water, methylethoxycinnamic acid ethylhexyl, ethanol, (lauryl methacrylate / methacrylic acid NA) crosspolymer, alkyl benzoate (C12-15), bisethylhexyloxyphenol methoxyphenyl triazine, hexyl diethylaminohydroxybenzoylbenzoate, ethylhexyl triazone, dimethicone , Xylitol, trisiloxane (acrylate / alkyl acrylate (C10-30)), crosspolymer, dextrin palmitate, glyceryl stearate, alkyl (C30-45) methicone, agar, olefin (C30-45), hydroxide K, Carbomer, polyvinyl alcohol, PEG-400) PEG-50 hydrogenated castor oil triisostearate, PEG-3 castor oil, hydroxylated NA, BG, PG, hyaluronic acid NA, royal jelly extract, orange fruit extract, grapefruit Fruit extract, lemon fruit extract, phenoxyethanol, EDTA-2NA, BHT, perfume
    12) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uuy3edHpALU http://www.kao.com/jp/ bioresarasarauv/bsu_aquarich_essence_00.html

    【Welcome to Japan Best Selection - Mai / jpn - best - selection】
    We sell selected Japanese items so that our product quality is very offer. Fulfilling service after after service and delivery satisfaction to customer.
    We will guarantee our product. You will feel "Omotenashi Service", Japanese traditional hospitality. If you have concerns about our items, please let Me know. We will solve your concerns.

    【Customer Review】
    - I use every year (˘ω˘) is nice silky feeling after applying compared to any sunscreen. There is a feeling of smoothness and this is the only one that is really smooth. It is indispensable to me who is not good with stickiness. However, since it coats to a large extent, it is used up soon, but that can not be helped. I hope for a new version.
    · Although I am a man, I use sunscreen. Since I do not need to be fair to that extent, I use it only about 1 or 2 times a day, just to be fair without being burned.

    【KAO Biore UV AQUA Rich Water Re-Essence SPF 50+/PA++++ Summary】
    Fresh moisturising feeling. Even though it lasts, it strongly cuts out ultraviolet rays. SPF 50 +. However, with zero heavy feeling, it feels light. Can be used on the whole body, in close contact with the skin, while firmly blocking UV rays, to keep skin supple. Cosmetic ingredients (hyaluronic acid + royal jelly extract + citrus mix *) formulated (moisturizing ingredients). * Orange Extract, Grapefruit Extract, Lemon Extract SPF 50 + / PA ++++ No special cleanser required. 【For Face / Body】

    It is one of the leading companies representing Japan. In addition to "beauty care" projects such as cosmetics, skin care and hair care, which are well-known to general consumers, we are also engaged in the development and sale of health functional foods, the "human health care" business dealing with sanitary products. We are developing consumer products business for general consumers in the field of "fabric & home care" business such as residential detergents. It is also well known in the field of "chemical" business.
    The origin of this company name is "face". When attaching the name of high-quality make-up soap that can be used for washing face developed at the time of foundation, it is said that "face" soap is so direct that when names are considered, the name "Kao" or "Kao" It was invented, it is decided to be "Kao" which can be more familiar. Speaking of Kao, the mark of the moon which is the symbol mark is also famous, but this is the mark of "moon" used from the beginning. The reason is that the moon is "the symbol of beauty and washing", and the founder selected it.

    【Product Purpose】
    1) Rakuten Site Top Ranking
    2) @ Cosmetic Award Sunscreen Department No. 1
    3) High scores in word of mouth "Fragrance: Is it close to odorless?" ★ Refreshing feeling: Exhilarating feeling !! Feeling fresh !! Texture: Loose ★ Feeling comfortable: Light, smooth and cool "

    【Our Credo】
    1) We make our customers happy.
    2) We offer heartfelt hospitality and comfort to our customers.
    3) We are concerned with product quality and handling.
    4) We listen to the customer's voice.
    5) We will handle your claims in good faith.
    6) We return our profits to society.
    7) We are always up for a challenge, spreading passion and joy to everyone.

    2)KAO Biore UV AQUA富水精华是一种强力的紫外线阻隔保湿剂
    保护皮肤不受强烈的紫外线侵袭,防止晒伤引起的斑点和雀斑。 它还能防止UV-A,从而降低皮肤弹性
    3)SPF50 +也能防止由于抗炎作用引起的发红,没有任何沉重的感觉
    4)精华成分(透明质酸+蜂王浆+柑橘MIX *)配方(保湿)
    8)AQUA富水精华感觉轻盈。 即使它是一个清爽的精华,它削减强大的紫外线。
    9)SPF 50 + / PA ++++
    9-1)含有紫外线成分的凝胶可用于全身。 它是新鲜和愉快的使用。
    水, 甲基乙氧基肉桂酸乙基己基酯,乙醇,(甲基丙烯酸月桂酯/甲基丙烯酸NA)交联聚合物,苯甲酸烷基酯(C12-15),二乙基己氧基苯酚甲氧基苯基三嗪, 二乙基氨基羟基苯甲酰基苯甲酸己基酯,乙基己基三嗪酮,聚二甲基硅氧烷,木糖醇,三硅氧烷(丙烯酸酯/ ),交联聚合物,糊精棕榈酸酯,硬脂酸甘油酯,烷基(C30-45)甲基硅氧烷,琼脂,烯烃(C30-45),氢氧化物K,卡波姆,聚乙烯醇,PEG- 400)PEG-50氢化蓖麻油三异硬脂酸酯,PEG- 3蓖麻油,羟基化NA,BG,PG,透明质酸NA,蜂王浆提取物,橙果提取物,葡萄柚果实提取物,柠檬果提取物,苯氧乙醇,EDTA-2NA,BHT,香 料
    12)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uuy3edHpALU http://www.kao.com/jp/ bioresarasarauv / bsu_aquarich_essence_00.html

    【欢迎来到日本最佳选择 - Mai / jpn - 最佳选择】
    我们销售选定的日本料品,以便我们的产品质量非常优惠。 为客户提供售后服务和交货满意的服务。
    我们将保证我们的产品。 您将会感受到“Omotenashi服务”,日本传统的款待。 如果您对我们的项目有疑虑,请让我知道。 我们会解决您的疑虑。

    - 与任何防晒霜相比,我每年使用(˘ω˘)是很好的丝滑感觉。 有一种光滑的感觉,这是唯一真正顺利的事情。 对我来说,不粘不粘的是不可或缺的。 然而,由于它很大程度上覆盖了它,它很快就被用尽了,但这是不能帮助的。 我希望有一个新版本。
    ·虽然我是一个男人,但我使用防晒霜。 既然我不需要在这个程度上是公平的,我每天只使用大约1或2次,只是为了公平而不被烧。

    【KAO Biore UV AQUA富水精华SPF 50 + / PA ++++总结】
    新鲜保湿感。 即使它持续,它强烈地削减了紫外线。 SPF 50 +。 然而,以零沉重的感觉,感觉很轻。 可以全身使用,与皮肤紧密接触,同时牢牢遮住紫外线,保持肌肤柔顺。 化妆品成分(透明质酸+蜂王浆+柑橘混合*)配方(保湿成分)。 *橙色提取物,葡萄柚提取物,柠檬提取物SPF 50 + / PA ++++不需要特殊的清洁剂。 【面部/身体】

    它是代表日本的领先公司之一。 除了一般消费者众所周知的化妆品,护肤和护发等“美容护理”项目,我们还从事健康功能食品的开发和销售,“人体保健”业务处理卫生用品。 我们正在为“面料和家居护理”业务(如住宅洗涤剂)的一般消费者开发消费品业务。 在“化学”业务领域也是众所周知的。
    这个公司名称的起源是“脸”。 当附上可以用于在基础开发时洗脸的高质量化妆皂的名称时,据说“面”肥皂是如此直接,当名称被考虑时,名称为“高”或“高“这是发明的,决定成为可以更加熟悉的”高“。 说到高雄,作为标志的月亮标记也是有名的,但这是从一开始就使用的“月亮”的标记。 原因是月亮是“美丽和洗涤的象征”,创始人选择了这个。

    3)口碑高分“香味:无味无味?” ★清爽的感觉:令人兴奋的感觉! 感觉新鲜! 纹理:松散★感觉舒适:光,光滑凉爽“

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