LMS Healthy Slimming Fruit Juice Drink 水果瘦&#36523..

    LMS Healthy Slimming Fruit Juice Drink 水果瘦&#36523..

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    LMS Healthy Slimming Fruit Juice Drink 水果瘦&#36523..

    LMS Healthy Slimming Fruit Juice Drink 水果瘦身饮品 (14 packets/box)

    1 box RM117

    2 boxes RM215

    4 boxes RM410

    6 boxes RM580

    8 boxes RM715

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    What's in the box:

    LMS Daytime x 7 packets

    LMS Bedtime x 7 packets

    LMS Daytime & Bedtime Fruit Body Drink.

    Two products in one box, seven packs each, for a total of 14 packs.

    Drink LMS Bedtime before going to bed on the first day, drink LMS Daytime before breakfast the next day.

    1 box = 14 days.

    LMS raw materials from Japan and the United States Is Malaysia's gmp️ Own: SGS / BPFK / KKM

    The product contains no preservatives

    Our products are very economical because there is no need to drink slimming at night and drink detox at night

    LMS Bedtime (seven packs)

    Orange Fruit Flavor

    Adjust to become lean body

    Promotes gastrointestinal motility, cleans the stomach, expels toxins, and discharges stools

    Enhance liver detoxification and promote liver health

    Reduce edema problems and alleviate digestive problems

    Increase metabolic rate and maximize the effectiveness of slimming drinks after drinking

    Prevents the absorption of fat, which helps lower cholesterol

    Enhance the digestion and absorption of nutrients, especially fats and proteins

    Intestinal health, which can make skin more shiny and reduce acne

    The amount of bowel movement will increase, but it will not cause severe diarrhea and will not affect activities of daily living.

    Reduce melanin formation and dilute spots

    LMS Daytime (seven packs)

    Lemon Fruit Flavor

    Reduce the degree of hunger and reduce calorie intake

    Prevent fat production and accelerate slimming

    There are vitamins that don't cause physical weakness or fatigue due to reduced food intake.

    Increase fat burning rate, burn excess calories, and enhance slimming effect

    Blocking oil to form a layer of fat film on the intestinal wall, reducing oil accumulation in the body

    Blocking the conversion of starch into sugar

    Lock oil and starch to prevent absorption from the body until excreted

    Whitening, brightening to achieve even pigmentation


    Lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels

    Strengthen heart muscle function and maintain heart health

    Drinking method :

    Drink LMS Bedtime on the first night then drink LMS Daytime on the next morning (no need to drink LMS Bedtime on the same night).

    Drink LMS Bedtime on the third night then drink LMS Daytime the next morning.

    Keep on repeat the method to get effective result.

    LMS DAYTIME BEDTIME 水果塑身饮品 1Box (14Days)

    * 瘦身与维持健康体重Slimming And Maintain Weight

    * 控制食欲与饥饿Control Appetite And Hunger

    * 燃烧顽固脂肪Burning Stubborn Fat

    * 促进新陈代谢Promote Better Metabolism

    * 阻止脂肪形成Reduce Fat Synthesis

    * 解决水肿困扰Reduce Water Retention

    * 缓解便秘Relaf Constipation

    * 美白护肤Whitening Skin and Skin Health

    LMS Daytime&Bedtime 水果塑身饮品

    如果你试尽了市场上的减肥产品都没效果,LMS Daytime&Bedtime 水果塑身饮品将会是你的最后一个减肥产品,并能彻底解决你所面对的肥胖问题‼️

    LMS Daytime&Bedtime 水果塑身饮品两种果汁口味,并可轻松瘦身,口感极佳,不浓稠,而且原料来自美国和日本

    LMS Daytime&Bedtime 水果塑身饮品

    由LMS Daytime 与 LMS Bedtime 两种产品结合,一盒里两种产品,每种七包,总共14包。

    LMS Bedtime (七包)

    < 橙子水果口味>


    - 促进肠胃蠕动,清理肠胃,排出毒素,排出宿便



    - 提高代谢率,令之后饮用的瘦身饮品得以发挥最大的功效



    - 肠道健康,可令肌肤变得更有光泽及减少痘痘情况

    - 排便量会增加,但不会造成严重腹泻,不会影响日常生活活动


    LMS Daytime(七包)

    < 柠檬水果口味 >

    - 减少肚饿程度,减少卡路里的摄取

    - 防止脂肪产生从而加速瘦身功效

    - 有维生素,不会因为食量减少而造成身体无力或疲惫

    - 提高脂肪燃烧率,燃烧多余的卡路里,加强瘦身功效

    - 阻隔油分在肠壁上形成一层脂肪膜,减少体内油脂堆积

    - 阻隔淀粉质转化为糖分

    - 锁住油分及淀粉质,防止身体吸收,直至排出体外





    第一天睡前喝LMS Bedtime,第二天早餐前喝LMS Daytime,一盒可以喝14天


    LMS Daytime & BedTime Juice Kurus Badan (Ada KKM Certified )

    Sekiranya anda mencuba produk penurunan berat badan di pasaran tidak berkesan, LMS Daytime & Bedtime fruit sculpting akan menjadi produk penurunan berat badan terakhir anda, dan dapat menyelesaikan masalah obesiti yang anda hadapi sepenuhnya! ️

    LMS Daytime & BedTime Juice adalah dua jenis jus buah perisa, mudah untuk menurunkan berat badan, rasa yang sangat baik, tidak tebal, dan bahan-bahan mentah dari Amerika Syarikat dan Jepun

    Waktu tidur LMS (7 pek)

    -Disetapkan untuk menjadi badan langsing

    - Menggalakkan pergerakan gastrousus, membersihkan perut, menghilangkan toksin, dan mengeluarkan sembelit

    - Meningkatkan detoksifikasi hati dan menggalakkan kesihatan hati

    - Mengurangkan masalah edema dan melegakan

    - Meningkatkan kadar metabolisme

    - Menghentikan penyerapan lemak dan menurunkan kolesterol

    - Meningkatkan pencernaan dan penyerapan nutrien, terutamanya lemak dan protein

    - Kesihatan usus, yang boleh menjadikan kulit lebih berkilat

    - Jumlah pergerakan usus akan meningkat, tetapi tidak akan menyebabkan cirit-birit yang teruk dan tidak akan mempengaruhi aktiviti harian

    LMS siang hari (7 pek)

    - Mengurangkan rasa lapar, mengurangkan pengambilan kalori

    - Mencegah pengeluaran lemak dan mempercepatkan pelangsingan

    - Meningkatkan kadar pembakaran lemak, membakar kalori yang berlebihan dan menguatkan kesan pelangsingan

    - Blok penukaran kanji kepada gula

    - Kunci minyak dan kanji untuk mengelakkan penyerapan

    - Pemutihan, cerah untuk mencapai pigmentasi

    - Anti-penuaan

    - Menurunkan tahap kolesterol dan tekanan darah

    - Menguatkan fungsi otot jantung dan mengekalkan kesihatan jantung

    Minuman Shaped Buah-buahan & Waktu Makan LMS

    Kotak dua produk, setiap tujuh pek, sebanyak 14 pakej.

    LMS Waktu tidur sebelum tidur, LMS Siang hari sebelum sarapan pagi esok, kotak boleh minum 14 hari

    Jangan ambil semasa haid (Period)

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