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  • Model / SKU : LOGITECH 5MP 720P HD WEBCAM, C310
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    Product Description




    For HD video calling and connecting online.

    Call in HD

    Call in HD

    Enjoy widescreen HD 720p video calls on most major IMs.

    Share a pic

    Share a pic

    It’s easy to share the memories by recording a video or taking a photo and sending it to your loved ones.

    Look good, sound good

    Look good, sound good

    Say good-bye to background noise and dim or poorly backlit settings.

    Logitech® HD Webcam C310

    For HD video calling and connecting online—in HD 720p, 5MP photos.

    HD video calls

    HD video calls

    You’ll get HD 720p video calling on most major instant messaging applications.

    5-megapixel snapshots

    5-megapixel snapshots

    You can take high-resolution snapshots at up to 5 megapixels (software enhanced).

    Built-in mic with RightSound™

    Built-in mic with noise reduction

    It gives you clear conversations without annoying background noise.

    RightLight™ 2 technology

    Automatic Light Correction

    Even if you make a video call in dim or poorly backlit settings, the camera will intelligently adjust to produce the best possible image.

    IM compatibility

    IM compatibility

    Works with Skype™, Windows Live™ Messenger, Yahoo!® Messenger and other popular instant messaging applications.

    * MAGIX is free but does require an e-mail registration.

    RightLight™ technology. Look natural. Even when you don’t have natural lighting.

    Web calls get real

    A webcam makes it feel like you’re right there with your family and friends—no matter where they are. But low-light or a bright window in the room can leave you looking silhouetted or surround your face with ghostly bright lighting. 

    If you don’t live in a perfectly lit world, we’ve got just the thing for you. 

    Logitech® RightLight™ technology is a system of hardware and software that helps you look more lifelike in all kinds of lighting.


    See all webcams with RightLight™ technology.

    Lighten up

    Webcams and low light generally don’t get along. That’s why RightLight technology includes CMOS sensors that more precisely measure and maximize the light in any situation. Whether your face is shadowed or the whole image is dark, poorly lit areas will appear brighter and have more detail.

    Goodbye, orange skin

    Bright colors are pretty. Unnaturally saturated skin? Not so pretty. So we pay careful attention to how our webcams with RightLight technology reproduce light and dark skin tones. We adjust the camera’s color hues and saturation so your skin looks natural, not orange.

    Many webcams aren’t so good to your skin. They prioritize bright colors—which can make your face look overly saturated. If you prefer the saturated look, you can easily boost the colors with Logitech QuickCam software.

    The true you

    Not into the fun house look? Have no fear. 

    While many webcams can leave you looking too long or too wide, our webcam lenses are rigorously tested to make sure they don’t have noticeable distortion. And that means you look like you—in just about any light.


    See all webcams with RightLight™ technology.

    Video Effects. Extra fun for your video calls.

    Playing around

    Looking to add a little entertainment to your video calls? Logitech® Video Effects™ can really spice things up.

    You can be a talking shark one minute, an Elvis impersonator the next, and a chalkboard drawing after that. When you download Video Effects, you’ll get:

    • Avatars
    • Face Accessories
    • Video Masks
    • Fun Filters.

    See all compatible webcams.

    Download Video Effects now.

    Make your move

    These aren’t just plain-old static effects. Video Effects technology uses face tracking to find your face and track its moves. Then it either maps a Face Accessory over your real face or completely replaces your video with an Avatar that moves like you.

    So when you choose a dinosaur avatar, the dinosaur moves its head the way you do, talks when you talk, and winks when you wink. When you put on glasses, they stay on your eyes—even when you move around.


    Feel like being someone or something else today? You simply pick out a character and watch it become you. We’ve got an avatar for every mood and season. You can be a sock puppet, cat, alien, dollar bill, Santa, and lots of other people, animals, and things.

    Face Accessories

    When you want to be you with a little something extra, you can just put on a Face Accessory. You’ve got options galore, including a pirate hat, crown, scuba mask, vampire teeth, antlers, and a pig nose. Or you can put on a full mask.

    Fun Filters

    Ready for a new twist on the real you? Fun Filters apply photographic filters or manipulate your video in real time. You can transform into a comic book character, get all twisted, alter the colors, and more.


    See all compatible webcams.

    Download Video Effects now.

    RightLight™ 2 technology. Be seen in a better light.

    Just the right light

    Video calls make it feel like you’re right in the same room with your family and friends. But if the lighting isn’t right, it might just feel like they’re talking to a shadow or a faceless ghost. 

    That’s where Logitech® RightLight™ 2 technology comes in. It’s a system of hardware and software that delivers high-quality video in less-than-ideal lighting conditions. 

    You can let RightLight 2 technology automatically do its thing—or you can make manual adjustments whenever you want.


    See all webcams with RightLight™ 2 technology.

    About face

    RightLight 2 technology identifies your face in the frame and uses that to determine the light and color settings. 

    Face too dark? It brightens the whole image so your countenance can be seen clearly. 

    Too bright? It will darken everything to put your face in the best light.

    Most webcams simply measure the amount of light in the entire image. If there’s a bright window or lamp in the frame, your face might appear dark and shadowy. That’s good for people trying to hide their identity—but not so good for video calls.

    More light, less noise

    Low light can be tricky for the average webcam. They generally only use software adjustments to increase the brightness, which means your video might be filled with digital noise that shows up as dark specks or digital garble.

    But why go artificial when you don’t have to? 

    RightLight 2 technology adjusts the frame rate to increase the exposure time of the camera so the sensor can capture more light and improve the image quality you start out with. And it dramatically reduces background noise by identifying static areas in the image and refreshing them less often.

    In contrast

    Add a lot of rich color to low light and your typical webcam tends to get confused. All that saturated color adds extra weight to an already dark environment—often resulting in dark, flat images. On top of that, the camera introduces more noise by trying to create contrast where there isn’t much.

    There’s no need to change your outfit or décor with RightLight 2 technology. 

    RightLight 2 technology slightly lowers the level of color saturation in low light to produce sharp images with greater detail and contrast—and a whole lot less noise. The result? The person on the other end can see you better without seeing specks. RightLight 2. Put yourself in a better light.


    See all webcams with RightLight™ 2 technology.

    RightSound technology. Sound right. Naturally.

    A better way to video call

    Webcams let you see and talk to your friends and family—wherever they are. But with most webcams, you need to wear a headset or you’ll get a distracting echo.

    Neither option sound appealing? With Logitech RightSound™ technology, you can avoid both. Acoustic echo cancelation software means the whole family can gather around and have a more natural conversation—without passing around a headset.


    See all webcams with RightSound™ technology.

    The echo explanation

    You’re on a video call with your friend. You’re both using webcams with integrated microphones and typical computer speakers. Here’s where the trouble happens:

    Your friend says something to you. His voice is captured by his microphone and sent to your speakers. But then your microphone picks up his voice from the speakers and sends it back to him as an echo—which can really ruin a conversation.

    The RightSound™ fix

    You use a webcam with RightSound technology. The software identifies the sound wave featuring your friend’s voice as it comes through the speakers. When your microphone picks it up, the software filters out the repeated wave so it doesn’t get sent back to your friend. And that means they don’t hear an echo.

    Two-way talk

    Other webcams eliminate echo by muting your microphone when the person on the other end is speaking. It’s kind of like talking on a walkie-talkie—not a very natural way to have a chat. RightSound technology doesn’t mute your mic so you can both talk whenever you want. It makes your video calls just like talking to someone in the same room.

    Logitech HD webcams. High-def yourself.

    Perfect for YouTube  

    Your webcam is more than just another gadget. And it’s why your old (non-HD) webcam and the built-in webcam in your computer just won’t cut it.

    Why? What other device lets you look your loved ones in the eyes and tell them how you feel, tell them a joke, tell (and show) them what your three-year-old just created out of cardboard, glue and glitter?

    Sharing, socializing, connecting with the people you care about. That’s what makes a webcam different. 

    And Logitech HD webcams are about sharing your life—but bigger, better, brighter, smoother.

    High-def yourself. 

    See how easy it is to upload HD videos to Facebook™ and YouTube™ .

    See all Logitech HD webcams.

    Say it bigger. Say it better.

    The beauty of video calling over, say, the phone, is that you can see and hear your loved ones.

    But until just recently you couldn’t make an HD video call. Because the name of the game in video calling is crunching down millions of pixels—the smallest unit of a digital image—every second and sending it from your computer, over the Internet, and to your buddy. 

    Up until now, bandwidth and CPU constraints made HD video calling impossible for nearly all PCs (desktop and laptop) connecting to the Internet through traditional networks.

    That’s all changed.

    Today you can make an HD 720p video call with a Logitech HD webcam.

    So go ahead. HD yourself. With a Logitech HD webcam.

    See all Logitech HD webcams.

    Even more than resolution

    MAGIX photo organization and video editing software. Easy, smart and free with your Logitech webcam.*

    You’ve said good-bye to shoeboxes full of photos and videocassettes. Now all your memories are stored on your computer.

    But with thousands of photos and videos, it can sometimes be difficult to find the one you want. And once you’ve found it, you might want to crop a photo to focus on your beautiful baby cousin’s face. Or cut those last few seconds of video where your sister’s perfect wedding cake somehow ends up on the floor.

    You need software that gets you organized and helps you fix minor blemishes in your photos and edit your videos.

    But you want it to work right the first time—and you don’t want to spend hours reading a manual to figure it out.

    We understand. That’s why Logitech has teamed up with MAGIX to offer MAGIX™ Photo Manager 9 and MAGIX™ Video Easy with your new Logitech webcam. And they’re free.*

    You’ll find icons for each of these programs in the Get More Apps section of your Logitech Webcam Software.

    Sound good? Get MAGIX Photo Manager 9 and MAGIX Video Easy now. 

    Or let us tell you a bit more about what MAGIX can do for you.

    Get Hollywood  

    Get Hollywood.

    Using a webcam to record a video of your baby’s first words, a funny clip that you upload to Facebook™ or YouTube  or a warm message to a loved one can be an art. It’s hard to figure out just when to stop—or start—recording to get the best video.

    There are editing programs out there, but they’re often very complicated, taking days to learn and offering lots of features most people will never use.

    That’s where MAGIX Video Easy comes in. The name says it all.

    This drag-and-drop home video tool makes it easy to cut, edit and combine videos to turn fleeting memories into indelible moments you’ll be able to return to again and again.

    The simple, easy-to-use interface makes editing an intuitive process rather than a chemistry project. Step-by-step instructions help you select the parts of your video that you want to include, then add a title and some music—you can even add transitions.

    And when your inner auteur is satisfied, it’s easy to upload your newest creation to YouTube. Next stop: Sunset Boulevard. Or Grandma’s living room.

    Get organized.

    Digital cameras and camera phones make it easy to capture the important moments in your life.

    The question, then, is how to make those photos and videos easy to find and share with your friends and family? MAGIX Photo Manager 9 does it all for you.

    After you’ve downloaded and installed the software on your PC, just connect your camera. Photo Manager will automatically import your photos and videos, and then organize them by date, time and place taken.

    It’s a snap to find just what you want—without the hassle of scrolling through thousands of thumbnails.

    Photo Manager also lets you do basic editing like cropping, eliminating red-eye and making small color corrections. In just a few minutes, your photos will be looking their best—just like the memories they capture.

    Get organized
    Get it now  

    Get it now. (Because they’re free.)

    The best part? Both Photo Manager and Video Easy are free with your new Logitech webcam.

    Just launch the Logitech Webcam Software, click on the Do more button and choose to download and install MAGIX Photo Manager 9 and MAGIX Video Easy. You’ll be ready to roll in just a few minutes. 

    So what are you waiting for? Get MAGIX Photo Manager 9 and MAGIX Video Easy now.

    * MAGIX is free but does require an e-mail registration. 
    ** MAGIX Photo Manager 9 and MAGIX Video Easy work with Microsoft Windows® XP, Windows Vista® and Windows® 7.

    FastAccess facial recognition software—serious data security that’s easy to use.


    What did you do on your computer today? Pay bills? Check your account balances? Send e-mail? How many password-protected sites did you visit?
    When your life is on your laptop or desktop, you need help to protect it. But security programs can be a hassle, taking time to install and use—and adding complications to your already busy life.
    Want a better way? We hear you.
    Logitech has teamed with Sensible Vision to offer a free 15-day trial of FastAccess™ facial recognition software.*


    Try FastAccess now.

    It’s simple  

    It’s simple.

    How does it work? We’re glad you asked.

    Setup is a snap when you have a Logitech webcam.

    • Just download the software*  then start using your computer. (Make sure your webcam is plugged in.)
    • After you’re set up, your webcam automatically scans your face and enters your password for Windows® or websites.
    • The FastAccess software can learn what your face looks like under different use and lighting conditions—so the process goes faster every day.

    It's smart.

    FastAccess also lets your Logitech webcam detect when you leave your computer and can automatically lock your computer to prevent unauthorized people from getting access to your data.

     The best part: It happens so seamlessly, you won’t even know it’s running. But you’ll have the confidence that comes from using a strong security program.

    It's smart
    It automatically locks your computer  

    It automatically locks your computer.

    We’ve all got private information on our computers. Whether it’s confidential e-mails, account numbers or personal photos, you won’t have to worry about anyone getting into your computer while you’re running FastAccess with your Logitech webcam.

    If you’re in a public area, you can engage stronger security settings, automatically lock down your desktop when you step away or even create an access log that will record anyone who tries to get access to your computer.

    And FastAccess can automatically switch accounts in Windows® XP, Windows Vista® and Windows® 7 when it recognizes a different face—which helps you protect your private data and enforce parental controls.

    It’s convenient.

    Forgot your password? No problem.

    FastAccess minimizes the need to enter a password to log in and will often recognize you faster than you can type a password.

    What’s more, a scan of your face can automatically log you in to most websites that require passwords.

    It’s convenient
    It’s a no-brainer  

    It’s a no-brainer.

    Security’s important in today’s connected world—but so is convenience. A Logitech webcam with FastAccess facial recognition software can give you both.

    Sound good? Download FastAccess now, then use it for 15 days for free to see how it works for you (registration required; additional terms and conditions apply).

    Try FastAccess now. 

    * FastAccess requires registration. (Terms and conditions apply.)  
    FastAccess works with Microsoft Internet Explorer® and Mozilla Firefox®.

    Facebook-friendly. YouTube-ready. One-click HD uploading - It’s a snap.

    Social Networking  

    A video of your baby. A pic for your parents. Your latest song. Or just your thoughts on the world. Social networking sites like Facebook™ have made it easier than ever to connect with the people you care about—but you need the equipment and know-how to do it. 

    It’s drag-and-drop easy to record a video (or a pic) and upload it to Facebook or YouTube™ *— with a Logitech webcam (and the included software). 

    Press record. Stop recording. And drag and drop your file over the Facebook or YouTube icon. That’s it. (There’s even a wizard to help you add multiple photos and videos at once.) 

    Logitech software seamlessly connects with your Facebook and YouTube page. You only need to log in to your Facebook or YouTube account once. That’s how easy it is to create HD video clips and pics with a Logitech HD webcam and our software. Are you ready to share with your friends?

    Hello, Hollywood

    Shoeboxes full of photos and videocassettes are a thing of the past. Now all your memories are stored on your computer. 

    But with thousands of photos and videos, it can sometimes be difficult to find the one you want. And once you’ve found it, you might want to crop a photo to focus on your beautiful baby cousin’s face. Or cut those last few seconds of video where your sister’s perfect wedding cake somehow ends up on the floor. 

    You need software that gets you organized and helps you fix minor blemishes in your photos and edit your videos. 

    Want to put the finishing touches on your videos before you post them for the world to see? We make it easy to do that too. 

    We’ve teamed up with MAGIX to offer MAGIX™ Photo Manager 9 and MAGIX™ Video Easy with your new Logitech webcam. And they’re free.* 

    You’ll find icons for each of these programs in the Get More Apps section of your Logitech Webcam Software. Learn more about MAGIX. 

    * It’s free to use Facebook, YouTube and Magix. But these sites do require registration.

    Hello, Hollywood

    System Requirements

    • What you need:
      Windows Vista®, Windows® 7 (32-bit or 64-bit) or Windows®  8
    • Basic requirements:
      • 1 GHz
      • 512 MB RAM or more
      • 200 MB hard drive space
      • Internet connection
      • USB 1.1 port (2.0 recommended)

    • For HD 720p video calling and HD recording:
      • 2.4 GHz Intel® Core™2 Duo
      • 2 GB RAM
      • 200 MB hard drive space
      • USB 2.0 port
      • 1 Mbps upload speed or higher
      • 1280 x 720 screen resolution


    Warranty Information

    • 2-year limited hardware warranty

    Package Contents

    • Webcam with 5-foot cable
    • User documentation

    Part Number

    • PN 960-000588

    Technical Specifications

    The specs:
    • HD Video calling (1280 X 720 pixels) with recommended system
    • HD video capture: Up to 1280 X 720 pixels 
    • Logitech Fluid Cyrstal™ Technology
    • Photos: Up to 5 megapixels (software enhanced)
    • Built-in mic with noise reduction
    • Hi-Speed USB 2.0 certified (recommended)
    • Universal clip fits laptops, LCD or CRT monitors
    Logitech webcam software:
    • Pan, tilt, and zoom controls
    • Video and photo capture
    • Face tracking
    • Motion detection

    Requires installation of software available for download at www.logitech.com/downloads

     Software features and offerings subject to change.
    Additional services require Internet access and registration.
    Some photographs are simulated.

    Works with most instant messaging applications


    Please visit:




    Authenticity Guaranteed: We Guarantee that all items are 100% OR your money back

    Come with Full New Standard Package

    *1 Years Distributor Limited Warranty & Full Manufacturer Warranty*

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