MASSAGER MALE P-SPOT (Vibration)

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    MASSAGER MALE P-SPOT (Vibration)


    Origin - P-Spot

    P-Spot of the full name is Grafenburg spot, by a German gynecologist first proposed in 1950. And to his name before an English word of the name. Support the existence of G-point theory studies have indicated that their location is on the anterior wall of the vagina from the vaginal entrance is about 3 ~ 4 cm of the Department, about the general size of a coin. Whipple based on a collaborative research had shown that about half of the women can be achieved under the guidance of the appropriate Injection orgasm; and such like men, "prostate," when the liquid secretion produced by the pleasure and stimulation prostate pleasure caused by is consistent.

    The difference is that allows them to stimulate the men, the prostate may be two kinds of orgasm prostate orgasm﹝ **** and the climax ﹞. So, now generally believed that both men and women have two kinds of orgasm, the clitoris that the climax is inspired by the pudendal nerve, while the climax is a basin Injection nerve and hypogastric nerves. The highlight of the men, **** **** itself inspired by the prostate orgasm is similar to women's G-point is to stimulate the sphincter resulting point near the prostate orgasm, its fairly frequently accompanied by the desire to ejaculate.

    No ejaculation orgasm: Magic G Baby it is to stimulate the perineum through the sphincter of the rectum and then the G-point to reach prostate orgasm produced a patented product, through it, men can be achieved without ejaculation, and there is "strong and continuous," "full of the the body of the "climax state, non-traditional sexual techniques in the past can be compared. According to the experience of foreign friends who call this an electric shock-like climax of the "dream orgasm" or called "Super-O".

    No position restrictions: a general massage the market, many have to be two to help each other, except for the restrictions of this, it has no restrictions on posture, whether you are a stand, or sit, or squat, or kneel, can be carefree the use of the prostate.

    -How to use prostate-
    ※ in use, please wash with warm, soapy water, and please be sure to wash the anus and painted an appropriate lubricant (usually lubricants can). Later, first the body lie down, to keep the bottom leg straight and the legs above the knee as close as possible to the stomach position.

    Please start using the prostate slowly into the anus to a half-axis length of about 1-2 inches, followed by prostate-axis will automatically slide into the rectum and accurately the stimulus to the prostate 【Please note that the use of crank arm keep the perineum must be accurate to arrive live in the perineum (located in the middle of the anus and the scrotum) and to ensure that the perineum dry crank arm so that the perineum will not slip. 】 Usually just insert the shaft will feel the urine of prostate meaning, this is normal.

    When the prostate-axis into the anus, the one will have a foreign body sensation, in order to ensure the best possible sense, please take a short break at this time 10-20 minutes, we recommend that at this time to do some breathing exercise. Inhale slowly about 4-8 seconds, and stay around a few seconds, and then exhaled slowly about 4-8 seconds, relax and focus attention on the stimulated site, at this time will gradually eliminate foreign body sensation. After continuing the slow breathing and began to slowly shrink sphincter, inspiratory contraction, exhale to relax the sphincter.

    Contraction of about 20-30 times after exercise, the body has been prepared to savings reached a new climax. At this point, you can begin to touch sensitive parts of the body, but remember not to stimulate the ****, behavior will lead to ejaculation.

    1. Relaxation and contraction:
    Focused on the prostate body, slowly anal sphincter contraction is about 1/4-1/2 power. Maintain the degree of contraction strength, anus muscles will produce vibration and behavior and lead to muscle cramps vibration stimulation. Please note that the use of the prostate, and can not be a stable fixed point, a slight change in the location will have different feelings, please feel free to adjust to the most comfortable angle.

    2. How to enhance the pleasure:
    When the prostate has brought a strong sense of pleasure and have ejaculation time, try to control the sphincter contraction intensity, this strong feeling it will slowly increase to reach the highest point. Body's muscles will begin to shrink and tremble because of pleasure but, and this pleasure will not lead to a strong ejaculation behavior, such as Hyperion will be repeated orgasms general, a burst burst hit.
    This is the climax of about two minute continuous and stronger than the average ejaculation climax make this dream of any part of the body to orgasm but not ejaculate. On the other hand, this peak can be controlled by the body anal sphincter, that is, through the sphincter control, we can have multiple climax, as long as we want.

    3 .**** stimulation:
    Finally, you can begin to stimulate the ****, when there is a strong feeling of ejaculation, you can pause **** stimulate and increase the sphincter stimulation to increase pleasure of time. The proposed method: bend the knee and make it close to the abdomen, scrotum and thigh contraction within the sorrowful, followed by straight leg, this act would enhance hardness, strength and sensitivity ****. Can also choose to used in conjunction with sex, this feeling is strongest.

    When the felt rhythmic beating of the anus, please do relaxation and contraction movement before the start of ejaculation. Then the contraction of games to stimulate the prostate to G, and strong, very strong at this time will have other specific sexual climax, this orgasm is absolutely more powerful than any kind of pleasure. Remember: avoid direct stimulation of the body to stimulate the ****, continued until the fast ejaculation sensitive, with contraction and relaxation of the movement, control ejaculation point. Once, after ejaculation, the other pleasure would immediately come Zhixi.

    This climax of the source will be transferred to the anus near the prostate, this phenomenon will occur in ejaculation climax of the critical point, the premise of a non-contact ****

    Colour and Design Not Fix.

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