Moo C 牛初乳咀嚼钙片 60pcs

    Moo C 牛初乳咀嚼钙片 60pcs

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    Product ID : 204945489

    Moo C 牛初乳咀嚼钙片 60pcs

    Moo C 牛初乳咀嚼钙片 60pcs

    Moo C 牛初乳咀嚼钙片 60pcs

    Moo C 牛初乳咀嚼钙片 60pcs

    什么是牛初乳? 牛初乳是乳牛分娩后3天内分泌的乳汁。


    牛初乳不仅富含较高优质的蛋白质,铁,维生素和矿物质等营养成分, 而且还含有大量的活性免疫因子和生长因子。然而它的脂肪和糖的含量都较低。




    Moo C牛初乳咀嚼钙片 严选天然无添加 Moo C牛初乳咀嚼钙片是采用美国顶级牛初乳,每颗咀嚼片含有250mg牛初乳成分。

    美国拥有世界上最大的牛初乳加工设施, 每年生产高达500公吨的牛初乳。美国的纯牛初乳取之于健康母牛产犊后的8-16小时, 无添加三聚氰胺。

    在2000年,牛初乳被美国食品科技协会列为21世纪最具发展前景的非草药类天然健康食品。 对处于生长发育阶段的孩子来说,如果仅依靠日常饮食来补钙,想必是不够的,有些妈咪可能会特意去搜罗一些补钙的食谱,这种有针对性的「食补」方法的确不错,但毕竟费时耗力,尤其是职场妈妈很难时刻想着每餐如何为孩子补钙,Moo C牛初乳咀嚼钙片提供了一个更轻松的补钙方式给予妈咪们。天然不添加,给你孩子一个健壮的童年。


    ① 增强抵抗力和免疫力

    ② 促进生长发育和提高智商

    ③ 消除疲劳、延缓衰老

    ④ 调节血糖

    ⑤ 增强体质、提高运动性能

    ⑥ 病后和术后恢复

    ⑦ 调节肠道菌群, 促进胃肠组织发育及其创伤愈合 谁适合补充牛初乳?


    牛初乳片适用人群之一:幼儿及儿童 有些幼儿或儿童体质较弱常常容易生病,有些幼儿或儿童还会表现为厌食、挑食、瘦弱。这都是孩子免疫力低下及所摄入的营养物质远远不能够满足他自身生长发育的需要的表现

    牛初乳片适用人群之二:伤后或产后恢复期的人群 受伤或生产都会给人体带来较大的伤害,恢复期对营养物质的需求标准为精而足。因为牛初乳片中不仅含有人体伤后或产后恢复期所需要的所有营养物质及微量元素,还含有免疫因子,使恢复期人群可以有效避免外来致病细菌的侵害,使身体得到更好的恢复。

    牛初乳片适用人群之三:老年人 老年人吃牛初乳片有三大优点,其一,因为牛初乳片营养物质含量高,食用量少也能满足身体所需的营养需求,故十分适合食量逐渐减小的老年人。其二,牛初乳粉含有免疫因子,老年人食用后可提高免疫力增强抗病能力。其三,牛初乳粉含有大量钙元素,老年人食用后可补钙,预防骨质疏松。

    天然成分:牛奶粉,牛初乳,香蕉粉,紫菜钙质,菊糖 食用方式:建议小孩每次咀嚼两片,一天3次。 * 牛初乳不能完全代替母乳喂哺婴儿

    The first Love from mother cow Chewable goody nutrition Natural calcium Supplement What is Igg Colostrum?

    IGG colostrum is the milk secreted from the cow 3 days after giving birth. Its colour and composition is different from ordinary milk.

    IGG colostrum not only contains high content of premium protein, iron, vitamins, minerals and etc nutrients, it also contain large amount of active immune factors and growth factors.

    Yet the contents of fat and sugar are lower.

    The composition of iron is 10-17 times of normal milk, vitamin D and A is 3 times and 10 times higher.

    Besides multi-vitamins and minerals, it has a rich composition of premium protein and immunoglobulin and the IGG composition takes up 40% above of the overall protein ratio, much higher than breast milk, as we are know that cow milk is high in nutrition, but compare to bovine colostrum, it’s trivial!

    Why choose Moo C IGG Colostrum Chewable Tablet?

    natural ingredients with no added preservatives Moo C chewable IGG colostrum tablet uses the top quality IGG colostrum from USA, every chewable tablet contains 250mg of the IGG colostrum.

    USA have the biggest processing facilities for IGG colostrum in the world, with a production of 500MT of IGG colostrum yearly.

    The IGG colostrum from USA is obtained from a healthy cow after 8-16 hours after giving birth, no added of cyanuric acid.

    In year 2000, bovine colostrum is recognized by the American Food Science and Technology Association as the greatest development on non-herbal natural health supplement.

    For the kids being at the growing stage, depending on daily intake of calcium from meals is not sustainable, some mummy will specially search on recipes for calcium replenishment, those type of “recipes” is not a bad idea, but it consumes time, for those working mummy, they are not able to keep thinking about what food to cook for each meal to make sure the kids get enough intake of calcium.

    Moo C chewable IGG colostrum tablet provides an easy solution to the mummies. Natural and no preservatives, giving your kids a healthy childhood.

    The effects of IGG colostrum

    ① Strengthen antibodies and immunity

    ② Promotes growth and IQ

    ③ Eliminate tiredness, slows down aging

    ④ Regulates blood sugars

    ⑤ Strengthen stamina, improves sport performance

    ⑥ Aids in recovery after illness or operation

    ⑦ Regulate the intestinal flora, promotes the development of the intestinal tissues and healing of wounds.

    Who needs supplement of IGG colostrum? Everybody is suitable to consume IGG colostrum, especially important for kids, teenagers, person with weak immunity or person with chronic diseases.

    Hence for most families who want to make sure a healthy intake of calcium, can take come colostrum calcium, which will ensure that your family members will be in the pink of health.

    Group 1 of people suitable for IGG colostrum:- Toddlers and kids Some toddlers or kids have weak immunity and fall sick easily, while some looks like anorexia, picky on food, skinny and weak, these all are due to the drop of immunity or insufficient nutrition intake which cause an unsatisfactory growth and development.

    Group 2 of people suitable for IGG colostrum:- People recovering from wounds or after birth Wounds or after birth bring much harm to the body, during the recovery period, the needs for nutritional substances must be accurate and enough. Bovine colostrum not only provides the body with the nutrition and trace elements for recovery, it also contain antibodies which enable the body to be protected against infection from bacteria during the recovery, giving the body a better recovery condition.

    Group 3 of people suitable for IGG colostrum:- The senior citizen There are 3 main benefits for senior citizen taking IGG colostrum. Firstly, there’s a high content of nutrients with even a minimal intake will be able to supply the nutrition a body needs, that is why it is good for senior citizen who appetite is dropping. Secondly, it contains antibodies which help to improve the immune system of the senior citizen. Thirdly, it contains high quantity of calcium which is preventive for osteoporosis.

    Natural Ingredients: Milk Powder, Colostrum, Banana Powder, Seaweed Calcium, Inulin Direction : 2 tablets each time, 3 times a day chew before swallowing * IGG colostrum cannot totally replace breast milk for breast feeding infants.

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