New Morning Brazilia Green Propolis 30ml

    New Morning Brazilia Green Propolis 30ml

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    New Morning Brazilia Green Propolis 30ml


    New Morning Brazilia Green Propolis

    The humble honeybee is a truly remarkable insert, producing a range of products upon which man has relied since time immemorial. Most of them we are familiar with - honey, royal jelly and pollen. But there is one least-known and yet possesses remarkable healing properties – propolis. 

    Propolis In Beehive

    The word propolis, reputed to have been coined by Aristotle, takes its name from the Greek ‘Pro’ as in before and ‘Polis’ as city, meaning ‘Before The City’ or ‘Defender Of The City’. The name, ‘Defender Of The City’ is a very appropriate term to describe the role of propolis in the beehive. 

    Bees use propolis to virtually encase the inside of the hive. It is used to seal every crack, and a very thin coat of propolis is spread over the surface of the honeycomb cells, inside and out, to sterilize and to prevent infection in the honeycomb. Propolis is used extensively at the entrance of the hive to form an elaborate, winding tunnel. Bees literally have to crawl through a tight tunnel of propolis to enter and leave the hive. In this way, bees are cleansed of microbes as they enter the hives. The fact that this structure, located in the wild, and full of food and organisms, can be kept free of disease and infection is quite remarkable.

    Bees collect resins from trees and plants for propolis. We know resins have an important role to play in the immune system of trees and plants. If a tree is damaged or cut, the resins pour out in order to seal up the ‘wound’, to stop the tree bleeding. The bees take this resin back to the hive where they then mix this with pollen and different types of active enzymes and the whole substance transformed into what we know as propolis. 

    Propolis In History

    Man has used propolis for healing since ancient times. The first known users of substances from the beehives were the Egyptians. In order to preserve their dead body, they would melt down a whole hive, and use the mixture to coat bandages used in their mummification process. 

    The Greek physician, Hippocrates, who is considered to be the father of modern medicine, recognized the healing properties of propolis. Hippocrates prescribed propolis for different types of ailments. 

    The Romans further developed beekeeping and expanded on the knowledge and benefits of propolis. Pliny the Elderly, the famous Roman researcher and natural historian, showed a detailed understanding of propolis in the hives. He also well versed in the application of propolis.

    Propolis In Pharmacological Content

    In one recent analysis of Propolis from England, 150 compounds were identified (Greenaway, et al., 1990), but in total more than 180 have been isolated so far. It appears that with every new analysis, new compounds are found.

    Propolis is extremely rich in flavonoids. Flavonoids are reported to have numerous immune building properties and health benefits. There are over 34 different varieties of flavonoids within propolis. These flavonoids exist naturally in broad spectrum and in concentrated form. 

    The broad spectrum of flavonoids means the benefits are not restricted to the benefit of a single flavonoid, but, rather offers the combined synergy of a natural mixture of different flavonoids. A study conducted (Kumjumgiev et al., 1993), researcher has found out that a specific isolated flavonoid is still does not out-perform whole propolis, no matter how high a concentration is used. In other words, the effect of whole propolis is greater than other products that offer isolated high concentration flavonoids.

    According to research undertaken at the Second Scientific Conference, propolis is found to be rich in vitamin A (carotene), vitamin B1, B2, B3, rutin and biotin. It also contains 14 of the 15 minerals and enzymes that human body requires for normal function. It also contains organic acid, caffeic acid and cinnamic acids that help to build resistance to viruses and bacteria. 

    Propolis In Selection

    The composition of propolis depends on the type of plants accessible to the bees. Propolis changes in colour, odour and probably medicinal characteristic, according to the source and the season of the year.

    Among the various types of propolis produced, green propolis from Brazil has gained preference in the world propolis market. It is rated as first class in product grading and quality assessment, based on the stringent Japanese criteria on flavonoids content, variety and production processes.

    Researches conducted in Brazil and mainly in Japan showed that the green propolis produced in Brazil has the highest concentration of flavonoids. There are 3 main reasons for this:
    1. Honeybees in Brazil are now Africanized and presumably more productive than European honeybees with regard to propolis,
    2. Bees collect young chlorophyll-containing tissues,
    3. Bio-diversity of Brazilian flora found in Brazil. 

    New Morning Brazilia Green Propolis uses only the high quality of green propolis from Brazil.

    Propolis in Health

    In modern times, propolis started gaining appreciation as a means for treatment of health problems since 1950’s and 1960’s and has ended up as an important product in complementary and alternative health care.

    The following pharmacological properties have been attributed to propolis in research carried out over the last 30 years.
    • Anaesthetic effect - Anyone who chews good quality raw propolis will soon recognize the numbing effect it produces in the mouth. Propolis has been traditionally been used to reduce pain externally in wounds and internally, especially mouth ulcers.

    • Anti-Allergen effect - Flavonoids in propolis able to block an allergic reaction caused by the release of histamine and serotonin from the master cells once the allergens have attacked them.

    • Antibiotic effect - The antibiotic properties of propolis are perhaps best known and most widely researched, total of 67 research papers published between 1973 and 1994. In an age where prescription antibiotics are commonly over-prescribed, the harmful bacteria that supposed to be eliminated begin to build resistance to antibiotic, rendering it impotent. The anti-resistance-building properties of propolis have been clinically verified under controlled conditions.

    • Anti-Fungal effect - Fungal problems have grown exponentially over the last 10 years and the treatment with chemical drugs is increasingly difficult. In year 1973, Czechoslovak researchers found out that propolis are strongly fungistatic, able to inhibit the growth of yeasts including Candida albicans, ringworm and tinea. 

    • Anti-inflammatory effect - The inflammation is the key factor in a variety of debilitating diseases such as asthma, psoriasis, gout, rheumatoid arthritis, mouth ulcer, gingivitis and rhinitis. Many researches conducted provide powerful evidence that the flavonoids and caffeic acids in propolis has the ability to inhibit the inflammatory process. In particular, the tendency of some commonly used anti-inflammatory drugs can cause damage to the stomach has caused alarm amongst users. The prospect of developing a natural alternative, propolis, has no doubt encouraged researchers.

    • Antioxidant effect - Stress, infection, pollutions and poor diet all contribute to the creation of free radicals. Research undertaken at the University of Southern California in year 1990 has concluded the antioxidant properties in propolis are due to the high quantities of flavonoids present. The flavonoids are powerful anti-oxidant that has been shown to be capable of scavenging free radicals.

    • Anti-viral and Anti-bacteria effects - An early study showed that Propolis can stimulate the production of antibodies phagacytosis, thus improving the immunogenesis.

    • Wound healing and Tissue Repair Effect - Propolis has been shown to stimulate various enzyme systems, cell metabolism, circulation and collagen formation to improve healing of wounds.

    • Anti-tumor effect - Clinical studies have shown that propolis has anti-tumor properties that help to reduce the size of tumors, arrest tumor development and prevent the development of cancerous cells.

    New Morning Brazilia Green Propolis Uniqueness

    New Morning Brazilia Green Propolis is harvest using state-of-art technology, Super-Critical Fluid Extraction, to ensure the active ingredients is retained at the highest, providing better bio-active and bio-availability. It is manufactured under stringent quality control by certified GMP manufacturer to ensure quality consistency each and every time. 

    The Uniqueness of New Morning Brazilia Green Propolis includes:

    • Harvested from a natural forest reserve of Southern Brazil, free from industrial and pesticide pollution. Green Propolis from Brazil is certified to contain the richest flavonoids
    • Granted Export and Quality Certification by the Agriculture Department of Brazil
    • Manufactured under stringent quality control by certified GMP manufacturer
    • Registered by Malaysia Ministry of Health since year 2004
    • Alcohol free and certified Halal by Halal Food Council, SEA
    • Endorsed by the Chinese Propolis Association of Taiwan, with NT30 million liability insurance
    • Packed in small bottle and amber glass to prevent oxidation due to sunlight and frequent opening.

    New Morning Brazilia Green Propolis In Action

    In year 1995, a major manufacturer of propolis undertook a survey of people who had used propolis over a six-month period and were asked to comment how propolis had helped them. They had provided fascinating insights.

    Arthritis & muscular pain – “Having suffered with arthritis for ten years and suffering stiff and sore back every morning. Since taking propolis this no longer a problem.”

    Respiratory problem – “Sinuses less blocked, breathing much easier and have not had to use inhaler as much as normal.”

    Skin problem – “Have tried all types of creams for psoriasis but never found anything that helped until propolis.”

    Chronic fatigue syndrome – “Tiredness has improved greatly and don’t get cold and flu as much as usual. Feeling better everyday.”

    Stomach & digestive disorder – “Have had great improvement. Digestion has improved and appetite is back.”

    General health maintenance – “Has helped enormously with overall feeling. No longer tired, no throat or month ulcers which were regular thing before, nails are stronger and hair is thicker, it even helps with period pain.”

    Common Asked Question

    How much should I take?
    Adults: 1- 5 drops in a half cup of lukewarm water. You can add the propolis to your favorite fruit juice or drink. Do not mix with tea or carbonated drink as it will reduce the effectiveness of the active component.
    Children: half of the adult dosage. Not recommended for children under 3 years of age

    When should I take it?
    Propolis is best taken on an empty stomach. It is not recommended to take propolis last thing at night. Some people report difficulties with sleeping.

    How long should I take it for?
    You can take it as long as desired. Many people take propolis on daily basis to stay well and to keep their immune system in trim. 

    Are there any side effects?
    People have been taking propolis for around 3000 years and nowhere in the literature is there mention of any serious or toxic side effect. However, there may be roughly one in every thousand people is allergic to propolis.

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