'OdorX' - ORGANIC Pets Urine and Poop Cleaner 5L

    'OdorX' - ORGANIC Pets Urine and Poop Cleaner 5L

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    'OdorX' - ORGANIC Pets Urine and Poop Cleaner 5L

    'OdorX' - ORGANIC Pets Urine and Poop Cleaner

    - 5L

    - Its made from all plant and organic formula and is 100% safe Safe and non toxic.

    - Safe for pets and babies and small infants

    - Effectively cleans and removes harmful germs and bacteria.

    - No chlorine. Does not whiten carpets, curtains, bed sheets, etc...

    - Instantly neutralizes Pet urine and poop strong odors at its source.

    - Can suppress odors for up to 24 hours. It leaves a pleasant, calming scent immediately after application.

    - Can be use on all types of pets, not just dogs and cats but including hamsters, birds, rabbits, sugar gliders, monkeys, etc...

    - Save money with 'OdorX' Expedition technology:- Very concentrated. 1 bottle can expand to 5 times its content and its still effective.

    - Versatile usage: Pour directly and clean pet cage, car seats and playpen, can be mix in pet shampoo to bath pets to get rid pet odor, mop the floor, mix in spray bottle, soak pet bedding's, curtain, carpet, etc...

    'OdorX' is different from other spot spraying or pet urine eliminator products as follows:-

    1) 'OdorX' neutralize odors naturally. Urine and poo are natural organic compounds. 'OdorX' break this down and remove it naturally.

    2) 'OdorX' is made for true pet lovers who truly care about the harmful effects of many chemical cleaning products on their family's and pets' health.

    3) We do not claim nor market 'OdorX' as anti-bacteria. 'OdorX' does not content antiseptics that kills naturally occurring bacteria. 'OdorX' is a proven effective cleaning solution. An effectively cleaned surface is not an ideal habitat for harmful bacteria to take hold. On the other hand, only a cleaning solution that is not effective to properly clean, requires antiseptic to kill the harmful bacteria that may still settle on the surface.

    http://www.bbc.com/news/health-34857015 -----> All these years we have been marketed this concept so that companies can sell us anti-bacteria everything which is totally unnecessary. More and more new studies have shown that these unnecessary anti-bacteria in everything has caused other long-term human health and environmental damages. Long story short, 'OdorX' is not meant to clean surgery rooms. As such, there is no need for it to have any antiseptic (which itself is a kind of poison). After cleaning with 'OdorX', the surface is clean enough that it is no longer a suitable habitat for harmful bacteria to live.

    4) Versatility of 'OdorX'... It is activated by water and has many uses:

    (i) pour directly from bottle on to the spot, add water and wipe off with dry clean cloth.

    (ii) pour directly from bottle on to wet clean cloth then wipe the spot. Wipe to dry with dry cloth after.

    (iii) pour into spray bottle, add water and spray on floor, mop the floor, then rinse off with water or wipe off.

    (iv) pour into bucket of water to soak cushion covers and bed sheet to remove urine odor. Then rinse off with water and dry.

    One product can be used to clean large surface areas like floors or small surface areas like spot cleaning of furniture. If pets urinate on cushion covers or bed sheets, remove these, pour some 'OdorX' into a bucket of water and soak these in for awhile. Then rinse and hang to dry.


    5) Use daily, 'OdorX' can suppress odors for up to 24 hours. It leaves a pleasant, calming scent immediately after application.

    6) Many customers have return to tell us that they noticed their cats and dogs no longer mark the same spots over and over again. This is because 'OdorX' has effectively reduced the pet's scent that it can no longer sense its familiar scent on the spot to mark. If the pet does not continue to mark the same spot, the odor on that spot diminish over time.


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