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    Orico OPC-2A4U multi-purpose USB charging socket Reviews

    Source: http: //www.weistang.com/article-958-1.html Date: 2014-05-05 Visitors: 835
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      Smart home recently engaged hot topic, but now look at these smart home devices are also evolved on the basis of traditional equipment, may not be any obvious breakthrough function, after all the smart home is currently more functional integration trend. Orico this year began to force home digital devices, and this time we got is a smart USB charging function integrates the socket, so to facilitate the integration of the main row and some need to plug in USB desktop charger friend especially those desktop family books. Here which is part of the user's needs, laptops and mobile devices to be in a variety of flat panel desktop, but also too lazy to use those huge volume charger, the Orico OPC-2A4U multi-USB charging socket is provided for this part of the user's convenience .

    Orico OPC-2A4U multi-purpose USB charging socket


      Overall package is square, consistent with the previous style, to note here is that while Orico OPC-2A4U GB, US, EU chapai specification, which is required before a user can purchase inquiry, not that what a mistake event, but to use them in trouble.



    Parameters Table


      OPC-2A4U chapai maximum load power 2500W, respond to general mainframe computer and peripherals for digital devices without any problems. Wen said a while ago, this feature is inserted row integrated USB smart charging port, has two USB charging port and 5V1A of two 5V2A (highest intelligent adjustments to 2.4A) smart charging interface. Color is only one aspect of black money, because sometimes inserted row on the floor, so easy to dirty, black is relatively more suitable for some.




      Orico OPC-2A4U Accessories include a 2 m length of 18 safety regulations of the power cable, manual, warranty card. Socket and power lines are separate design, user can replace a longer power cord, this power is the kind we use ordinary PC, there are special requirements can be purchased separately.





      Orico OPC-2A4U design is wide, two three-phase sockets side by side, while four USB charging socket is designed in the far right one, if you use some of the phone charger or power adapter socket, then might and right USB charging socket conflict, Orico for this situation also has its own solution, and that is the shape longer HPC-2A4U inserted row.





      The whole shell is high temperature ABS material, the surface is fine matte surface treatment, in fact, two modular jack, later we can see the dismantling.




       The overall strength of the casing is still very good, I am beginning to worry about this outlet and shell separate design will produce an unstable situation, but when the actual application will not happen. In addition, the shortage is not designed socket outlet hole cover, after all, to consider applications from home or jack cover some more insurance.

    Size comparison


       OPC-2A4U shell casing was designed from top to bottom, bottom shell (it should be said bottom) by four screws fixing soft inside, but did not play a role in the soft pad of the foot, from the figure we can see soft and the bottom is almost in a plane, the benefits of this design is not prone to cause soft pads on the desktop sticky situation prolonged contact with the desktop or the ground, while the screw holes can also play a role in certain liquid-proof This insulation is designed to consider, but if emissions plugged directly on the desktop or on the floor in the end will have to wear the shell.






    Power lines close


      The power cord is 18AWG, and for general household appliances is still connected enough. If you feel you can not long enough to replace a longer power cord, power cord socket part is still very strong.


    18AWG Wire


    US regulatory power plug


    Socket close


    Four USB charging jack


      Four USB charging plug, which has the following words Super Charger USB port supports intelligent charging function, which is able to automatically detect the optimum charge current loads up to 2.4A of charging output can be achieved.


    Plugs and switches close




      Four soft pads to pull down the bottom case to see the four screws fixing the upper and lower shell, remove the four screws to separate the upper and lower shells.

    Separate bottom




      Internal socket total of four parts, one part is switching parts, the part of the two sockets in parallel, in part, the output of the power adapter USB USB socket PCB and PCB board. Another figure above can have access to shrink tube wrapped fuse at the switch when the current exceeds the rated specification when the fuse will blow.


    Two sockets are screwed through modular design


      The advantage of this modular jack design is to prevent debris from entering the outlet port and cause unnecessary problems, while the bottom has marked 250V outlet pressure.


    Internal socket joints


    Internal socket joints


    Provides power for USB charger adapter part


      Basically a small PC can provide 5V power output, including input rectifier, transformer, output rectifier filter section has.


    PCB USB socket part


    USB charging port on the back you can see two smart USB jack corresponding two integrated chips




      Orico OPC-2A4U more suitable for desktop applications, of course, if multi-screen devices as well as the words of the speaker may OPC-2A4U as the outlet is probably would not have had. But in fact increased four USB ports for charging socket is also regarded as the general equivalent of four sockets.




      On the desktop, it is quite a space-saving, I think it is more suitable for OPC-2A4U auxiliary socket, such as some devices are often three-phase plug socket can be connected to the OPC-2A4U.



      There is such a small USB devices like a small lamp for the inserted row with such terms with USB power is even more powerful.




      In fact, the introduction of inserted row with USB hub function is also not a bad idea, such as some wireless adapters and external storage devices can be directly plugged together, but this design, then you must pay attention and isolation outlet section.


    To a close

    Super Charger Output



      Super Charger interface output characteristics Orico OPC-2A4U is almost guaranteed a very accurate output power, such as the following figure test 5V2A output, then, because the test detects the current will be slightly higher, and therefore the voltage will make some adjustment, but even case Dual 10W output, the basic voltage above 4.9V, the current at 2A + guaranteed level.

    Super Charger Interface 5V2A single output curve


    Super Charger interface 5V2A dual output curve


    Super Charger Interface 10W single output constant power curve



    Super Charger Interface Dual 10W constant power output curve

    Normal output interface



      Ordinary USB output interface in the case of dual output 5V2A basically maintained at a level close to 5V, while dual 5V1A output is not a problem, both at the level of the voltage of 5V +.

    Common interface 5V1A dual output curve



    Common interface 5V2A dual output curve

    To sum up



      Orico OPC-2A4U reviews on here, kind of design with USB charging inserted row is not a new device, but the USB charging function integrated into the socket strip which can be regarded as one solution a. Workmanship, OPC-2A4U uses two separate modular jack, internal shrapnel is silver plated design is inadequate and did not join the socket cover design. USB charging section also remains Orico's strengths, although OPC-2A4U than high-wattage performance of its flagship USB charger and not the top, but it is no problem to deal with our usual tablet PCs and smart phones, the gap may be charged which is also reflected in the practical application is not very obvious. Overall, if you need an extra two sockets and do not want to look at the mess on the desktop charger, then, Orico OPC-2A4U is a good choice.

    Orico OPC-2A4U multi-purpose USB charging socket






















































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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