Original HP Compaq 18.5V 6.5A 120W DV7 DV7t HDX9000 Power Adapter

    Original HP Compaq 18.5V 6.5A 120W DV7 DV7t HDX9000 Power Adapter

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    Product ID : 219427860
    Model / SKU : 191459971
    Conditions : New

    Original HP Compaq 18.5V 6.5A 120W DV7 DV7t HDX9000 Power Adapter


    HP Original Power Adapter 18.5V 6.5A 7.5/5.5 120Watt

    Come with Power Plug


    Item Specification



    Product Details
    Package Contents: Charger, Black UK Power Cord
    Charger Colour:
    Safety: Overload & Short Circuit Protection, High Temperature Cut-Off
    warranty: 6 months
    Power Details
    Input Range: 100-240V AC (Can be used worldwide if country specific power cord or travel adapter is used.)
    Output Power (Max): 120W
    Output Voltage: 18.5V
    Output Current (Max): 6.5A

    DC Connector Details
    Connector Tip Diameter:7.4mm x 5.0mm

    Replace Part Number


    Part Numbers: 384022-001, 384022-002, 384023-003, 391174-001, 463555-001, 463953-001, 519331-001 , PA-1121-02HC, PA-1121-02HN HP-OW120F13 SE LF, HP-OW120F13 LF SE, PPP016L-E PPP017S PPP016H, PPP016L.
    The connector on this charger is known as SMART and is not to be confused with Legacy.


    Compatible Models


    Compatible with:

    HP Pavilion DV3000, DV3100, DV3500, DV3510NR, DV3600 DV4-1100, DV4t-1100, DV4z-1100 CTO, DV4-1200, DV4t-1200, DV4t-1200SE, DV4z-1200 CTO DV5-1002NR, DV5-1120, DV5-1120US, DV5-1121, DV5-1121CA, DV5-1124, DV5-1124CA, DV5-1125, DV5-1125NR, DV5-1127, DV5-1127CL, DV5-1128, DV5-1128CA DV5-1200 CTO, DV5-1225, DV5-1225CA, DV5-1250, DV5-1250US, DV5-1251, DV5-1251NR DV6-1050, DV6-1050US DV7-1100, DV7t-1100, DV7tz-1100 CTO, DV7-1127, DV7-1127CL, DV7-1128, DV7-1128CA, DV7-1170, DV7-1170US,DV7-1174, DV7-1174CA DV7-1200, DV7t-1200 CTO, DV7-1232, DV7-1232NR, DV7-1240, DV7-1240US, DV7-1243, DV7-1243CL, DV7-1245, DV7-1245CA, DV7-1245DX, DV7-1247, DV7-1247CL, DV7-1253, DV7-1253CA, DV7-1260, DV7-1260US, DV7-1264, DV7-1264NR, DV7-1267, DV7-1267CL, DV7-1270, DV7-1270US, DV7-1273, DV7-1273CL, DV7-1275, DV7-1275DX, DV7-1279, DV7-1279WM, DV7-1285, DV7-1285DX HDX9000, HDX9000T, HDX9001TX, HDX9001XX, HDX9002TX, HDX9002XX, HDX9003TX, HDX9003XX, HDX9004TX, HDX9004XX, HDX9005TX, HDX9006TX, HDX9007TX, HDX9008TX, HDX9009TX, HDX9010TX, HDX9011TX, HDX9013TX, HDX9050EF, HDX9050EG, HDX9050EL, HDX9050EO, HDX9050ES, HDX9070EO, HDX9080LA, HDX9090EA, HDX9090EF, HDX9095EA, HDX9100, HDX9101TX, HDX9102TX, HDX9103TX, HDX9104TX, HDX9105TX, HDX9106TX, HDX9107TX, HDX9108TX, HDX9109TX, HDX9110TX, HDX9111TX, HDX9120EA, HDX9130ES HDX X16-1025, HDX X16-1025NR, HDX X16-1040, HDX X16-1040US, HDX X16-1044, HDX X16-1044NR, HDX X16-1056, HDX X16-1056CA, HDX X16-1155, HDX X16-1155CA, HDX X16t-1000 CTO, HDX X16t-1100 CTO HDX9000, HDX9000T, HDX9001TX, HDX9001XX, HDX9002TX, HDX9002XX, HDX9003TX, HDX9003XX, HDX9004TX, HDX9004XX, HDX9005TX, HDX9006TX, HDX9007TX, HDX9008TX, HDX9009TX, HDX9010TX, HDX9011TX, HDX9013TX, HDX9050EF, HDX9050EG, HDX9050EL, HDX9050EO, HDX9050ES, HDX9070EO, HDX9080la, HDX9090EA, HDX9090EF, HDX9095EA,, HDX9100, HDX9101TX, HDX9102TX, HDX9103TX, HDX9104TX, HDX9105TX, HDX9106TX, HDX9107TX, HDX9108TX, HDX9109TX, HDX9110TX, HDX9111TX, HDX9120EA, HDX9130ES

    Compaq nx9420 Notebook PC:
    ES439EA, ES440EA, ES440EAR, ES440ET, ES441EA, ES441ET, ES441ETR, ES442ET, ES443EA, ES443EAR, ES443ET, ES443ETR, ES444EA, ES444EAR, ES444ET, ES444ETR, ES445EA, ES445EAR, ES445ET, ES445ETR, ES446EA, ES446EAR, ES446ET, ES446ETR, ES457EA, ES457EAR, ES458EA, ES459EA, ES460EA, ES461EA, ES462EA, ES551EA, ES552EA, ES553EA, ES554EA, ES555EA, ES556EA, ES557EA, ES558EA, ES559EA, ES560EA, ES561EA, ES562EA, ES563EA, EV266AA, EV266AAR, EV267AA, EV267AAR, EV268AA, EV268AAR, EV269AA, EV269AAR, EV270AA, EV271AA, EV271AAR, EV271ET, EV271ETR, EV272AA, EV272AAR, EV272EA, EV272ET, EV272ETR, EV273AA, EX754PA, EX755PA, EX756PA, EX757PA, EX763PA, EX767PA, EX779PA, EX780PA, EX781PA, EX801PA, EX802PA, EY453ET, EZ255LA, RA047US, RA050US, RA051US, RA068US, RA079US, RA081US, RA110US, RA124US, RA185US, RC294PA, RC333PA, RD717PA RE640US, RE730US, RE772US, RE975PA, RE976PA, RF297UP, RF689PA, RF751UC, RF914UC, RG171UP, RG195LA, RH302UP

    HP Compaq Notebook PC nx6130:
    EE963AA, EE964AA, EE965AA, EE966AA, EE967AA, EE968AA, EE969AA, EE970AA, EF349AA, EF869PA, EF870PA, EF871PA, EF872PA, EF873PA, EF874PA, EF875PA, EF876PA, EF877PA, EF878PA, EF879PA, EF880PA, EF898PA, EF899PA, EF906PA, EF909PA, EF916PA, EF917PA, EF918PA, EF919PA, EF920PA, EF921PA, EF922PA, EH279PA, EH298PA, EH299PA, EH336PA, EH337PA, EH348PA, EJ900PA, EJ901PA, EJ932PA, EJ959PA, EM379PA, EM380PA, EM419PAR, EM419PA, EM420PA, ER574PA, ER592PAR, ER592PA, ER629PA, ER630PA, ER634PA, ER635PA, ER636PA, ER637PA, ER646PA, ER661PA, EX810PA, EX811PA, PX851AV, PX852AV, PX853AV, PX854AV, RC314PA, RC315PA, RH088PA, RH089PA, RH090PA

    HP Compaq nw9440 Mobile Workstation:
    EG861AV, EG862AV, EY306EA, EY313EA, EY314EAR, EY314EA, EY314ETR, EY314ET, EY316EAR, EY316EA, EY316ETR, EY316ET, EY454EA, EY455EA, EY580ES, EY612EAR, EY612EA, EY612ETR, EY612ET, EY613EA, EY614EA, EY615EAR, EY615EA, EY615ETR, EY615ET, EY616EA, EY617EA, EY636ES, EZ900ATR, EZ900AT, EZ901AAR, EZ901AA, EZ902AAR, EZ902AA, EZ903AA, GA067UC, GA736UP, GA794PA, GA795PA, GA803PA, GA828PA, GA867PA, GA868PA, GA869PA, GA870PA, GA871PA, GA872PA, GA873PA, GA874PA, GA943UC, GB570US, GB676US, GB682US, GB712US, GB778US, GB791US, GB839ES, GB840ES, GB858ES, GB922ET, GC047ES, GC059ES, GC141UC, GC286LA, GC685UP, GC919PA, GE892US, GE918US, GF052US, GF104US, GF111US, GF112US, GF142US, GF253US, GF263US, GF448EC, GF470UC, GF571EP, GG538EC, GH603UP, GJ897US, GK044US, GK096US, GK185US, GK194US, GK203US, GK212US, GK232US, GK233US, GK328US, GK333US, GN288UC, GN532UP, GP095EP, GP553EC, GP742US, GP827US, GP951US, GP957US, GQ077US, GQ114US, GQ127US, GQ287UP, GQ338UP, GQ351UC, GQ417UC, GU808US, GU816US, RA679AA, RA717PA, RA718PA, RA757PA, RA758PA, RA764PA, RA765PA, RB551UTR, RB551UT, RB552UAR, RB552UA, RC329PA, RD111LA, RD733PA, RD752PA, RD753PA, RD754PAR, RD754PA, RD774PA, RD775PA, RE712US, RE806US, RE973PA, RE974PA, RE991PA, RF051PA, RF607PA, RF608PA, RF609PA, RF610PA, RF611PA, RF612PA, RF613PA, RF614PA, RF615PA, RF616PA, RF617PA, RF675PA, RG552AV, RG553AV, RH108PA, RH109PA, RH110PA, RH302UP, RH504ES, RH505ESR, RH505ES, RH546EA, RH547EA, RK016PA, RK017PA, RK706US, RK909US, RK922USR, RK922US, RK947US, RK974US, RL198UP, RL962PA, RL963PA, RL987PA, RL988PA, RL989PA, RL990PA, RL991PA, RM122UTR, RM122UT, RM152UT, RM160UTR, RM160UT, RM642UP, RM750PA, RM751PA, RM752PAR, RM752PA, RM780PA, RM824EP, RM838UC, RN011UP, RN016AA, RN017AWR, RN017AW, RN019AWR, RN019AW, RN020AW, RN021AW, RN022AW, RN469EP, RN492PA, RN493PA, RN515PA, RN516PA, RN709LA, RQ160EP, RQ328UC, RQ695PA, RQ696PA, RQ697PA, RQ718PA, RQ719PA, RQ766PA, RQ767PA, RQ768PA, RR210UC, RR213UP, RR284UP, RR285UP, RR674PA, RR675PA, RR676PA, RR677PA, RS205US, RS242US, RS243US, RS244US, RS245US, RS342US, RS818EP, RT717UP, RU523ES, RV554PA, RV555PA, RV579PA, RV604PA, RW158US, RW191US, RW228US, RW248USR, RW248US, RW302US, RW408US, RW417US, RW439US, RX301UC, RX639LA, RY374EPR, RY374EP, RZ683PA, RZ700PA, RZ753PA

    HP Compaq nx6120 Series Notebook PC:
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    4/14/2021 7:18:00 PM
    pengahantaran cepat dan barang amat berkualiti, recommended untuk semua buyer
    3/30/2021 3:01:00 PM
    Seller quickly contacted me about an issue with the order and corrected immediately. The parcel arrived quickly and was well packed. Fast and reliable merchant!
    3/10/2021 9:35:00 PM
    Good service.
    3/10/2021 10:32:00 AM
    Good product
    2/11/2021 11:23:00 PM
    Hai, sorry for late feedback, all items arrived safely and on time. Very fast delivery by seller and items arrived as described. Worth to buy and hope to deal again in future, cheers~
    1/26/2021 3:08:00 PM
    1/25/2021 8:18:00 PM
    1/21/2021 9:00:00 PM
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