Pe foam roll laminated with aluminium foil roofing

    Pe foam roll laminated with aluminium foil roofing

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    Pe foam roll laminated with aluminium foil roofing

    Pe foam roll laminated with aluminium foil roofing

    Pe foam roll laminated with aluminium foil roofing

    Pe foam roll laminated with aluminium foil roofing

    016 445 9451 whatsapp

    roofing heat insulation and sound proof
    raw material supply

    The unique Ecowool is a high performance glass mineral wool insulation that consists of much smaller fibre diameter compared to other man-made vitreous fibre insulation material. This means they are more efficient and effective in its thermal and acoustic insulation performance. This product will improve thermal performance on top of the excellent sound absorption properties.

    Size available -
    A) 20 ft (L) 4 ft (W) 25mm (T) - RM 190.90/Roll
    B) 10 ft (L) 4 ft (W) 50mm (T) - RM 190.90/Roll

    Camel-Foil (Flat sheet) insulation which works on the principle of reflecting radiant heat back in to the building. It has 6 layers by using 2 external layers of pure aluminium foil bonded to 1 layer of kraft paper and reinforced with fiberglass mesh. The item is commonly application in roofing, wrapping and air-cond ducting.

    Max-Foil (Bubble sheet) is made by a double sided of pure aluminium foil and 1 layer aircore with 2 bonding layers . It provides excellent insulation properties and effective radiant barrier. It designed light weight and easy to install without require mesh. Apart from thermal insulation, it can also block noises such as rain drop in the roof.

    Size available -
    A) Flat Sheet Roll size 1.22m(W) 45m(L) - RM 231.00/Roll
    B) Normal Bubble Sheet Roll size 1.2m(W) 40m(L) - RM 500.00/Roll
    C) Fire Retardant Bubble Sheet Roll size 1.2m(W) 40m(L) - RM 620.00/Roll

    The flexibility of the foam makes it highly efficient and effective in the insulation of cooling and heating system. It able to withstand tearing, rough handling and severe site conditions. It has been widely used for central air conditioning freezing water pipe, fridge, condensing water pipe, air ducts, hot-water pipe and so on.
    Despite the characteristic of less colorful, it is also suitable to used as wall and floor protection for parkour jump activities as well as training site and children indoor playground.

    Size available -
    ​A) - 1/8 inch (T) 4 ft (W) 30 ft (L) Black - RM 165.00/Roll
    B) - 1/4 inch (T) 4 ft (W) 30 ft (L) Black - RM 208.00/Roll
    C) - 3/8 inch (T) 4 ft (W) 30 ft (L) Black - RM 248.00/Roll​
    ​D) - 1/2 inch (T) 4 ft (W) 30 ft (L) Black - RM 286.00/Roll
    ​E) - 5/8 inch (T) 4 ft (W) 30 ft (L) Black - RM 389.00/Roll
    ​F) - 3/4 inch (T) 4 ft (W) 30 ft (L) Black - RM 426.00/Roll
    G) - 1 inch (T) 4 ft (W) 30 ft (L) Black - RM 498.00/Roll
    H) - 1 1/4 inch (T) 4 ft (W) 30 ft (L) Black - RM 696.00/Roll
    I) - 1 1/2 inch (T) 4 ft (W) 30 ft (L) Black - RM 756.00/Roll
    J) - 2 inch (T) 3.28 ft (W) 15 ft (L) Black - RM 635.00/Roll

    Rockwool has been designed to simplify insulation product choice that offering a brand new family of thermal, sound and flat roof products dedicated to sound. The range offers builders a rationalised set of simple, cost effective, and easy to fit. Ideal for residential thermal applications such as extensions, loft conversions, change of use, and sound applications such as home offices, bedrooms and bathrooms and TV, media and gaming rooms.

    Size available -
    A) Rockwool 40kg/m3, 1.2m x 5m x 50mm (T) - RM 146.00/Roll
    B) Slab S40kg/m3 (standard) 1.2m x 0.6m x 50mm(T) - RM 110.00/Pack (8PCS)
    C) Slab S60kg/m3 1.2m x 0.6m x 50mm(T) - RM 132.00/Pack (6PCS)
    D) Slab S80kg/m3 - RM 184.00/Pack (6PCS)
    E) Slab S100kg/m3 1.2m x 0.6m x 50mm(T) - RM 240.00/Pack (6PCS)
    ​F) Slab S40kg/m3 (standard) 1.2m x 0.6m x 50mm(T) With Aluminium Foil (Single SIde) - RM 140.00/Pack (6PCS)
    G) Slab S60kg/m3 With Black Tissue - Ask on demand
    ***Kindly Whatapps us for merchant price with regular order.***

    Cross-linked Polyethylene foam (PE foam) finds many applications in the HVAC. It can be used for insulation of air ducts and many internal components found in large handling units, heat exchangers and split air conditioning systems. The Duct Insulation materials can be easily applied to the metal ducts through a process of pre-adhesion. Environment friendly.

    ​Size available -
    A) Roll size 1.2m(W) 72m(L) 6mm(T) - RM 1500.00/Roll

    016 445 9451

    1. bubble wrap 1m x 100m x 10mm Rm98/roll single layer
    2.bubble wrap 1m x 100m x 10mm Rm138/roll double layer
    3.bubble wrap 10mm x 1m x100m with PE foam (1mm) Rm 200/ roll
    4.plain EPE foam 0.5mm x 1m x 600m Rm150/roll
    5.plain EPE foam 1.0mm x 1m x 300m Rm150/roll
    6.plain EPE foam 2.0mm x 1m x 150m Rm150/roll
    7.plain EPE foam 3.0mm x 1m x 100m Rm150/roll
    8.plain EPE foam 4.0mm x 1m x 100m Rm220/roll
    9.plain EPE foam 5.0mm x 1m x 100m Rm260/roll
    10.PE foam with aluminium foil 6mm x 1.2m x72m Rm 1500/roll
    11. stretch film 2.4kg 500mm 400g Rm22/roll
    12.aluminum foil 6 layer 1.22m x 45m Rm231/roll
    for packing industry ,general industry ,civil engineering architecture , leisure / sundry
    excellent insulating performance , superior cushioning effect
    excellent chemical resistance and weatherability
    low cost
    excellent flexibility lightweight
    high buoyancy
    flooring protection

    post to whole Malaysia
    Pe foam and bubble wraps

    pack protection & heat insulation
    Last Updated @ 11/7/2019 7:46:53 AM

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