PHILIPS 9006S2 WHV HB4 4100K - WhiteVision +40% white light (1pair)

    PHILIPS 9006S2 WHV HB4 4100K - WhiteVision +40% white light (1pair)

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    Brand : Philips
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    PHILIPS 9006S2 WHV HB4 4100K - WhiteVision +40% white light (1pair)

    Product Description:

    How to find the right bulbs for your vehicles?
    Please refer back your vehicle manual, vehicle manufacturer, service technician for the correct bulb models before place an order with us. Purchased incorrect car bulbs may not able fit it the bulb socket, it may causes serious issues to your vehicle or other road users.

    **Due to vehicle manufacturer replacing the bulb type according to regional, production batch without prior notice, DAVIS ONLINE STORE do not able advice you which bulbs fit to your vehicle bulb socket of your vehicles.

    Why you do not listing up product images, descriptions and packaging?

    The packaging of the products changing from time to time, batch to batch, we do not able catch up with all latest packaging design.

    Automotive Lighting

    Philips Automotive Lighting
    Philips Automotive Lighting, a business unit of Royal Philips Electronics, is one of the world's largest suppliers of lamps to the automotive industry and aftermarket. Our products enhance the safety and comfort of the world they illuminate.

    Combining technical innovation with a genuine concern for the safety and driving comfort of those drivers who benefit from our products, Philips is a top tier supplier to all major set makers. 

    You can find our light sources in almost every car on the planet.

    Our strategic ambition is to set the pace in the lighting industry as the first-choice innovative partner for the supply of safety and performance oriented lighting solutions.

    Philips Automotive Lighting is dedicated to providing best in-class products and services in the Aftermarket and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) market. We are committed to providing the highest quality standards while we constantly maintain the sustainability of our business. As such, the corner stone of Philips Lighting Environmental Management is the maintenance of the right balance between ecological impact and economic growth.

    Exceptional Product Quality
    Leading edge production technology enables Philips Automotive Lighting to achieve optimum product quality at the very high volumes and low PPM rates demanded by the car industry.

    Parts Per Million (PPM): 1 PPM means one defect lamp for every 1 million lamps produced. The car industry demands measurement in PPM instead of percentages (1% = 10,000 PPM). The level of quality is continuously being measured both in our factories and at our customers. Factory results and market information are used to constantly improve the quality of our production.


    Setting Standard
    Philips has been actively involved in many different commissions and associations around the world to contribute for the setting of automotive lighting related specifications for the industry. As a responsible supplier, Philips complies with both ECE and SAE standards which confirms ongoing support for road safety.

    Economic Commission of Europe (ECE)
    This commission - as part of United Nations - strives to foster sustainable economic growth among its 55 member countries. In the UNECE, there is the Transport Division that handles the Vehicle Regulations. These ECE regulations provide a uniform technical standard for wheeled vehicles, equipment and parts on these vehicles. ECE regulations R37 and R99 describe in detail the physical specifications of light sources whereas regulations like R6, R7, R19, R87, R98, R112 etc. describe the beam characteristics of the corresponding headlamps or signaling lamps. ECE R48 deals with installation of lighting devices. The ECE regulations are mainly used in Europe and Asia.

    Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)
    SAE is an educational and scientific organization dedicated to advancing mobility technology to better serve humanity. The engineers and scientists in the society provide technical information and develop standards on all forms of vehicles including automobiles, trucks and buses, off-highway equipment, aircraft, aerospace vehicles, marine, rail, and transit systems. These standards often are the reference in Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) documents by National Highway Traffic Safety Association (NHTSA) and in many other national legislations as for example in Canada and Mexico. These SAE specifications become legal instruments in regions of North and Latin America. The DOT mark is a declaration of the manufacturer that the DOT marked product does comply with the regulations.

    As the technology develops, people's needs change. Philips has a Research and Development Center in Aachen, Germany to support such innovations and breakthroughs in technology.

    After nearly 100 years of dedication to the automotive lighting industry Philips has become the preferred choice of many car manufacturers, set makers and consumers. This is the result dedication to quality, innovation and understanding of market trends.

    Environmental Care

    Sustainability is very important for the future. Therefore, it is necessary to start caring for the environment to ensure a better future. Philips has considered the potential impact on the environment in every process of the business.

    Philips has taken up the share of responsibility within the product chain to produce products that can be recycled at the end of their useful life. 

    • Cadmium and lead free products
    • Low energy products and production
    • Recycling of materials
    • 25% less packaging 



    The market trend for automotive lighting is always on the move with the latest technological breakthroughs. Drivers understand more clearly about the relationship of good lighting to the safety and comfort of driving. There are diverse lighting needs at different times, on different roads and under different weather conditions. Other than pure functional usage, certain drivers consider lighting as part of self-representation reflecting their unique style and personality.

    To accommodate all these different requirements, there are many ongoing projects to provide innovative lighting solutions for various performance upgrades.

    Our mission is to continuously improve safety and comfort in car driving with leading lighting technologies. 

    UV Quartz glass for optimal lamp performance

    UV Quartz Glass provides more light on the road as well as the highest level of resistance to vibrations, extremes of temperature, and risks of explosion. Philips UV-blocking Quartz Glass filters out the ultraviolet rays that are potentially damaging to modern plastic head lighting units.

     Quartz tubes


    • More light on the road

    By implementing UV-blocking quartz glass, Philips increases the pressure inside the bulb and consequently generates more light (e.g.: 50% with its VisionPlus lamp).

    • Better resistance

    Only an illuminated quartz glass bulb (filament at 2650°C and glass at 800°C) is capable of withstanding severe thermal shocks.

    In contact with a water droplet, a standard H4 lamp explodes:

    In contact with a water droplet, a Philips H4 quartz lamp continues to operate normally:


    • Optimal protection against ultraviolet rays

    UV-blocking Quartz Glass offers far better protection against ultraviolet rays than standard quartz glass and consequently prevents plastic head lighting units from yellowing.
    Xenon HID*: A revolution in automotive lighting

    Current and future market trends in the headlight sector are towards greater safety through better vision and towards greater economy through longer service life and aerodynamic design. The market demands economical products, longer service life, higher luminous power and resistance to vibrations.

     Philips, a proven supplier of lighting systems, has refined the technology of the gas-discharge lamp and electronic control units and offers an innovative solution for automotive applications: Xenon HID Lighting.

     Xenon HID is a system integrating 3 carefully matched components:

    - a micro gas-discharge lamp serves as light source,
    - an electronic unit controls ignition and operation,

    - carefully matched headlights ensure optimum luminous effect. 

    • The quantity of light is up to 3 times more, at half the energy consumption of halogen lamps, Its lifetime is extended by a factor of 7,
    • The system emits a daylight colour impression,
    • The system allows for a highly compact headlight design,

    Last but certainly not least, there is immediate light after switching.
    * High Intensity Discharge 


    Product information listed above for reference only.
    We only selling Genuine Philips Automotive Lighting products. These are not parallel /grey import, imitation, clearance, old stock, used, re-packed, rejected & discounted items.
    Headlamp bulbs listed are colour matched in pair. Philips Automotive Lighting recommended user to replace bulbs in pair to get better result and consistent light beam.
    We are running honest and sincere business, there is no simple way for getting the deal done without providing confidence for customer for their purchase. If you are looking for genuine, original, with local support product, our store provides the exact item you want without cutting any corner just to bring the price down and also the risks for spoil the brand name and our business in the long run.

    Price & Discount
    All our price posted in here are reasonable price. Price negotiation is unwelcome.

    Stock Availability

    Stock ready for most of the items. Sometimes there are exception for certain product not in stock. Please enquire for stock ready status (serious customer only).

    Payment method

    1 year limited warranty (manufacturer fault only)

    P/S: Philips Automotive Lighting provides manufacturer warranties for DAViS Online Store.

    DAViS Online Store warrants its products to be free from defects in workmanship and materials under normal use for as long as the original purchaser owns them.

    This Limited Warranty specifically excludes defects resulting from misuse, abuse, neglect, alteration, modification, improper installation, unauthorized repairs, submersion, theft, vehicle crash, or by any other type of impact. Except for the Limited Warranty stated above.

    In no event shall DAViS Online Store & Philips Automotive Lighting be liable for any damages whatsoever (including, without limitation, consequential damages, incidental damages, or damages for loss of use, loss of business profits, business interruption, loss of business information, loss of time, inconvenience, or other losses) arising out of the use, misuse, or inability to use a Philips Automotive Lighting product. Philips Automotive Lighting reserves the right to change the design its products without any obligation to modify any previous product.

    If a Philips Automotive Lighting product is suspected of being defective, it must be submitted freight prepaid*. Only original owner of the product liable for warranty claims. The returned product will be inspected. If the product is found to be defective and covered by this Limited Warranty, the sole remedy is repair or replacement, at Philips Automotive Lighting option. A repaired or replacement product will be shipped back at agreed prepaid freight*, and will be warranted to be free from defects in workmanship and materials under normal use for as long as the original purchaser owns it. Removal, installation, or re-installation costs are not covered by this Limited Warranty.

    *RM10 or more according to present time shipping & handling rates

    Shipping & Handling
    Please allowed 2 ~ 5 working days for the parcel to arrives at your door step. Combine shipping allowed Philips Automotive Lighting product only.
    All the parcel would pack with either bubble pack envelope or hard carton box, we have final decision to decide how to pack your parcel.
    Our appointed courier service provider is PosLaju.

    Free Shipping in Malaysia inclusive Peninsular & Borneo for lighting product.
    International shipping would be by urgent courier. Please contact us for the shipping rate.

    *Courier service will not send to P.O. Box.

    We do not deliver items in tight time line or last minute order. Self collect not allowed, all strictly sending out from our warehouse.


    * All specifications and prices are subject to change without notice.

    Hi, Welcome to DAViS Online Store.

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    We do not accept NetPay since NetPay team T&C written in agreement DO NOT provide seller protection like SafeTrade we used to have before.

    Please DO NOT soliciting us for self pick up or cash on delivery, at the same time do appreciate our effort spent on writing informative product descriptions in our sales listing. According to our experience most of your question 99% can be found in the sales description.

    Please click to purchase when you are ready to pay for it. On side note our price is the lowest we can sell. Thank you. :)

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    12/31/2021 12:10:00 PM
    Item arrived as per description. Seller is very responsive and helpful. Recommended
    9/15/2021 6:09:00 PM
    Good communication and excellent service. Bullet-speed shipping with the parcel well-protected. Will definitely buy again from this trusted seller!
    4/5/2021 3:06:00 PM
    Good seller will track again
    2/11/2021 12:29:00 AM
    A bit of miss communication in the beginning but Davis Store recovered quickly. Delivery was fast (I'm based in KL). Product is very good. Only need to improve on the payment and chat response time.
    2/4/2021 1:40:00 PM
    Purchase and delivery is fast. If you know what you want to buy...he is the man. He is selling original good.
    11/10/2020 7:21:00 PM
    11/4/2020 1:52:00 PM
    The genuinely of watch is no doubt original.. i will purchase again with Darvis🤝
    8/18/2020 2:39:00 PM
    Very good seller, very responsive and item receive without any issue

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    • We only sending out the items from Monday to Friday except public Holidays (Selangor/ Wilayah Persekutuan). The last pick up time from courier service would be at 3pm.
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    4. We are conducting our sales through internet channel only. We do not have any physical store for your normal foot-in-store shopping experience. We have reached agreement with many brands we must solely selling through internet only. If you wish to purchase the items with store like experience please get it done over at physical stores, thank you.

    5. We are very happy receiving our customers order and business opportunity, but there are certain time during festive season we do not promise the parcels can reached on time. We do not over promise/commit when the parcel will arrive at specific date or time which is out of our control.

    International delivery

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    2. To streamline ordering process, for each new order we will sending out two PayPal money request from davis@japan.com (one and only, no other account) to your e-mail registered with lelong.com.my. You may choose one of the shipping method either registered air parcel, EMS (express), UPS or FedEX to pay for it. If you think PayPal handling fees or shipping cost is still unbearable by you, please cancel the money request at the same time please discuss with us in davis@japan.com so that you can use moneygram.com service or we can work something else.

    Special / Spare parts order

    1.You have to be patient to wait for your parts to arrive, if you think you can get it faster or cheaper please source from elsewhere. Any enquiry about the ETA of the parts will be as accurate at the time we quoted you the price. If you wish to revise or on hold your order, the delay might be happen. If you change your mind not to place the order at the time being, you have to wait for another ordering window, which means you have to wait even longer time. E.g. Ordering a strap need to wait 1 month, when you reorder again on next ordering window that spare parts might be use for production, the delay might goes up to another 6 month or up to 12 months. Any delay for placing the order Is your own decision, not us that cause the delay.

    2. ETA given by manufacturer just a rough estimation, it may be delay due to many factors and they have right not to inform us or cancel our order.

    3. Once we committed the deal, we will deliver to you when the parts arrive. We will immediately sending out your parcel, our record has proven in our delivery pace.

    3. We are just helping you to order parts as part of our extra mile service and we have to make it clear to you manufacturer owe us nothing and we owe you nothing as well especially those who never purchase that model from us before.

    We are practising this since the day one we are in business.
    There is no customer always right to us, we only believe fair deal, you respect our terms conditions we will value you as our precious customer.
    We do not accept responsibility for our own stupid errors and typos, if you feel is not real then it is our mistake. Please read listings carefully and, if you see something that is too good to be true, its probably it is not. Please let us know and we will correct the listing, thank you very much. :)
    Talk to us if you have not receive the parcel on time as mentioned in sales terms or agreed delivery time frame. If the product received is not in good condition please let us know. You face the problems, we like to help you to solve it as we taking our own pride with the products we are selling. If you choose to leave us a bad feedback before communicate with us which means we have not done anything to solve the problems thus it means you as customer chooses to cease our trading relationship immediately, we will respect your choice, do not expecting any further message from us in future related with your problems.

    Products description and photos may be not accurately represent the product throughout product life cycle. Manufacturers reserved their right to altered their product design without needs to inform their distributors, dealers and customers. Do your research first before commit to deal, no return, exchange or refund allowed. If you have doubt, please write in to respective manufacturer to raise your questions.

    We are part of the Green community whom working great effort to make ourself less harmful to our earth - Gaia.

    We 100% sure our product is genuine locally sourced product from distributor. We do not supply dumping product from other countries which is against our store policy.

    Most of the products sold from us are RoHS compliance, lead free, Green product, tree hugger (no receipt given out), minimum packaging.

    We always encourage customer donate out their unwanted product to charity or send their used battery back to us for recycling, contact
    us for details.

    Goods sold no refund, no exchange or return as non of the manufacturers or distributors in Malaysia do provide return policy. Please do your study thoroughly, all informations available in our listing as accurate as the time listed up. Manufacturer official website information is always final and judged unless there are certain info not updated yet. Talk to us if you need to clear the air about your doubt.

    We guarantee that all the items we carry are authentic and brand new. If in any doubt, please send the purchased item to that respective brands boutique in your country to verify. For authenticity claims, please provide an official letter from the brand that states that any item purchased from Davis Online Store is not authentic. This letter has to be provided before we proceed with an exchange or refund.

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