Polar Pacer Pro Advanced GPS Running Watch Barometer

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Product ID : 222123330
Brand : Polar
Model / SKU : Delivery times vary depending on item availability
Conditions : New
Warranty : 2 year(s)

Polar Pacer Pro Advanced GPS Running Watch Barometer

Polar Pacer Pro Advanced GPS Running Watch Barometer

Polar Pacer Pro Advanced GPS Running Watch Barometer

Polar Pacer Pro Advanced GPS Running Watch Barometer

Polar Pacer Pro Advanced GPS Running Watch Barometer

Polar Pacer Pro Advanced GPS Running Watch Barometer

Polar Pacer Pro Advanced GPS Running Watch Barometer

Polar Pacer Pro Advanced GPS Running Watch Barometer

Polar Pacer Pro Advanced GPS Running Watch Barometer

Polar Pacer Pro Advanced GPS Running Watch Barometer

Polar Pacer Pro Advanced GPS Running Watch Barometer

Polar Pacer Pro Advanced GPS Running Watch Barometer

Polar Pacer Pro Advanced GPS Running Watch Barometer

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Product Description

This is an ultra-light, new-generation GPS running watch with integrated barometer that equips serious runners with advanced training tools to improve running economy and performance. Make every run a good run.

  • Powerful training tools for serious runners.
  • Integrated barometer with wrist-based running power.
  • Hyperfast, high-performance core processor.
  • Bright display for optimal readability in any condition.
  • Advanced optical heart rate tracking technology.
  • Accurate GPS and long-life battery.
  • Rapid charging and data transfer.

Gorilla Glass 3.0 Screen
You can see clearly now.
A 1.1mm glass screen that’s as durable as before – but now everything is 3mm closer to the surface.

Improved Readability
MIP (memory-in-pixel) reflective color display allows for maximum readability in bright conditions – no more squinting in the sun, now it’s as clear as day.

Speed up the process.
Everyone loves going fast. The problem with things going too quickly is that it’s difficult to keep up. Not anymore. Our new CPU gives you a smoother, more powerful UI experience and performance.

Skip charging, not data.
Whether you want to train every day, or not, you still need your watch to keep running 24/7. Not a problem – one full charge gives you one full week.
Up to 7 days on a single charge.
Keeps going long after you’ve stopped – and always ready for more.
Up to 100h
Training time in power-save modes.
Up to 35h
Training time with full GPS and HR tracking enabled.

Polar Charge 2.0
Polar Charge 2.0 magnetically snaps onto your watch and charges in the time it takes for you to get your gear on.

A running lab on your wrist.
Let’s take it one step beyond when it comes to running science. More performance insights in sight.

The ultimate figure to illustrate your aerobic fitness – once you know it, you can work on consistently improving it.

VO2max Explained
Your individual VO2max can tell you how many millilitres of oxygen is being used by each kilogram of your body weight.
To put it simply, it tells you how fit you are and how efficient your heart is - helping you understand your future potential for aerobic endurance.

VO2max In Action
Since your muscles need oxygen to move, improving this value can make you healthier and boost your overall performance in sports.
A higher VO2max value can make workouts feel easier, lower your 5K (or Marathon) times significantly, and help you train longer without tiring. Basically, if you increase this value, you’ll become fitter, stronger, and perform better.

VO2max value without going to a lab.
Normally, you would have to go to a laboratory, stick a mask on, and run on a treadmill until you’re exhausted just to get your VO2max value - not any more.

HR Training Zones
Forget about others. Follow your heart.
Efficiency is key – target HR zones allow you to monitor the level of effort required for different intensities based on your heart’s beats per minute (bpm).
This is the hardest working muscle in your body. It’s the engine that keeps everything running when you run.

Optimized HR Tracking
We're in pursuit of perfection.
We took the algorithm that omits motion from the equation and made it better, then we made the sensor smaller and removed the famous Polar bumps. Why? Well, we discovered the “Goldilocks Zone” for HR measurement – not too big, nor too small, it’s just right.

Polar Heart Rate Monitoring
The “Gold Standard” since 1977.
Your heart never lies, so why should your heart rate monitor? Polar has been trusted by elite athletes for over 40 years – now it’s your turn. We will track your beats per minute with unrivaled accuracy.

Polar Precision Prime™ OHR Technology
We get under your skin like no one else can.
10 LEDs across a range of wavelengths for deeper light penetration and 4 light detectors to pick up the light returning through your vessels – it’s more than accurate, this is precision.

Pacers win races.
Going the distance means adapting your pace depending on the different segments of a run based on the terrain you face, the effort required at any given moment, and the energy you’ll need to conserve if you want to get over the line – the right time, the right place, at the right pace.

Running Essentials
Everything you need: from start to finish.
Pace, time, distance – plus a few other necessary functions to keep you running.


See your running speed.


See how long you’ve been running for.


See how far you’ve run.


Start/Stop any measure of running time.

Lap Timer

Mark laps automatically or manually.

Interval Timer

Timed periods of high and low intensity running.

Pace Calculator

Find your pace.

You’ve probably spent some time trying to figure out what your running pace would need to be to finish your next 5K, 10K, or marathon in a particular time. Pace Me is a simple running pace calculator app which will show you predicted distance completion times for whatever running pace you select.

Running Index

How do you rank as a runner?

Run. Track your heart rate and speed. Get your score. Compare it to people of the same age and gender – work on running better than them.

Index Score

Run faster with less effort.

Monitor your progress and see how your running performance develops over time. As your aerobic capacity and running economy improve, your running index will increase.

Race Time Predictor

When are you finishing?

You’re ready for a big race, but you’ll be imagining what you’ll be crossing the line in – get an estimation of your finish time for various running distances.

Phased Training Targets

Now entering ‘The Zone’.

Run, rest, repeat - create interval workouts in advance with heart rate, speed, or power targets for guided running sessions.

Running Power Zones

Run at the right intensity.

Wrist-based running power monitors the effort required for every segment of your run instantly – so you can adjust your intensity and finish strongly.

Running Power


See your real-time mechanical energy output in Watts – whether you’re running on a flat, or taking on a steep hill.

Running Power In Action

Because Running Power responds quickly to intensity changes, has a high dynamic range, and takes into account changes in altitude, it’s perfect for interval training and running in hilly terrain.

By monitoring changes in your pace and altitude, you can use Running Power to maintain a steady level of effort during a steady-state workout in varying terrain, for example, running on a trail.

All the toolsyou need to win.

A good runner makes it look easy, but a great runner knows it wasn’t. Races aren’t won by crossing a line, they’re won long before that.

Running Program

Set a goal. Run to it.

From 5k to marathon, pick the event you want – and run with a plan that adapts to your training on the way.

Season Planner

Plan the year ahead.

Plan the perfect running season – setting training periods, targets, and focus areas.

Training Load Pro™

But don't overdo it.

Know if you’re training too much, too little or just right: improve your performance, prevent injury.

Accurate GPS

You can run this town.

The new antenna design allows you to track every stride with improved accuracy wherever you run.

The stylish, lightweight body with a simple plastic ring insert also acts as an antenna signal booster for the built-in GPS.

Assisted-GPS for faster fix times: supporting GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and QZSS satellite systems for the best positioning experience anywhere in the world.

Back to Start

Get back to where you started.
Back to Start guides you to your starting point in the shortest distance possible (beeline) – displaying your bearings and an arrow pointing you in the right direction, as well as the direct distance between you and where you need to get to.

Turn-by-Turn Guidance powered by komoot

Plan and map detailed routes with komoot and sync them to your watch for turn-by-turn route guidance on the go. Whether road cycling, hiking, trail running, or mountain biking, komoot’s superior planning and navigation technology allows you to easily discover the great outdoors - includes your home region for free.
And now, you can venture further from home and explore even more with an additional FREE REGION BUNDLE included.

Route & Elevation Profiles

With route and elevation profiles you can see the terrain you covered during your training session in Polar Flow as a detailed summary – with calculated slope angles for every ascent and descent of the recorded session.

Hill Splitter™

Let nothing stand in your way.

With detailed insights based on your speed, distance and altitude tracked automatically.

Running in your dreams.

Even after you’ve stopped, your mind is still running. Winding down and recovering with some quality rest is the best way to make sure you are ready for another day of running tomorrow.

Sleep Plus Stages™

Getting enough good-quality sleep is vital for your health and well-being. When you sleep, your body cycles through three sleep stages: light, deep, and REM.

Sleep Plus Stages™ automatically tracks the amount and quality of your sleep (Sleep Score), and lets you know how long you spent in each stage during the night.

Sleep tracking can help you understand your sleep behavior over the long-term, and also identify the factors in your day that may have a negative impact on your sleep.

Nightly Recharge™

Nightly Recharge™ is an automatic overnight recovery measurement that shows you how well you recover from the demands of your day. It helps you make the optimal choices in your everyday life to maintain overall well-being and reach your training or fitness goals.

Your Nightly Recharge™ status is based on two components: how you slept (Sleep Charge), and how well your autonomic nervous system calmed down during the early hours of your sleep (ANS Charge).


Relax your body and calm your mind with Serene™ guided breathing exercise.

Deep breathing is known to be an easy and efficient way to manage stress, build resilience and improve focus. Serene™ guides you to breathe at a slow, regular rhythm to synchronize your heart rate with your rate of breathing – six breaths per minute; which is the optimal breathing rate for shutting down your body's stress response.

This is your life: take control.

Rules are like records – they exist to be broken. Running is life, but it’s your life: do it your way.

Push Notifications

Get alerts for incoming calls, messages and notifications direct to your watch.

Whenever you receive a notification on your phone, your watch will vibrate and a red dot will appear at the bottom of the display. When receiving a call your watch will vibrate and show the caller - allowing you to answer or decline the call with your watch.

Phone notifications are available for iOS and Android phones.

Music Controls

Navigate around your playlist and adjust volume straight on your watch. Your Polar watch connects to the music app on your phone, so you can easily control your music without having to take out your phone.

Made to run – just like you.

41g, thin, easy to use, aesthetically pleasing, and made from quality materials – we’ve made a watch that is engineered for running and looks good when you run with it.

Shift™ Adapter included

You’ve done your run for today – now you have to run your business, run errands, run to the one you love, or run for President (too far?). There’s always tomorrow.

Tech specs
Width: 45 mm
Height: 45 mm
Thickness: 11.5 mm
S-L: wrist circumference 120-210 mm

Total weight: 41 g
Total weight without wristband: 23 g

Display type: MIP
Display size: 1.2 Inch
Display resolution: 240 × 240
Touch screen: No
Always on display: Yes
Ambient light sensor: No

CPU speed: 200 MHz
Memory: 5 MB
Storage: 32 MB
Recording mode: No

Case material: Plastic
Screen material: Gorilla Glass
Bezel material: Aerospace aluminium

Geo location
GPS: Yes
Glonass: Yes
Galileo: Yes
Assisted GPS: Yes
Assisted Glonass: Yes
Assisted Galieo: Yes
Assisted QZSS: Yes
Connected GPS: No

Bluetooth version: 5.1
USB cable: Propriatery / USB-A

Operation temperature min: -10 °C:
Operation temperature max: 50 °C:
Water resistance: WR50
Tested against military standards: Yes

Precision Prime™: Yes
Barometer: Yes
Magnetometer compass: Yes
Accelerometer: Yes

Battery capacity: 265 mAh
Battery type: Li-Pol
Battery rechargeable: Yes
Battery life training mode, up to: 35 h:
Battery life watch mode, up to: 1032 h:
Battery life with power save training mode, up to: 100 h:

Stop watch: Yes
Speed pace: Yes
Countdown timer: Yes
Interval timers: Yes
Manual laps: Yes
Automatic laps: Yes
Autostart stop: Yes
Vibration alerts: Yes
Alarm: Yes
Clock: Yes
Backlight: Yes
Front led light: No
Date and weekday: Yes
Time of the day: Yes
Button lock: Yes
Updateable firmware: Yes




  • HR Sensor Mode

Outdoors & Navigation

  • Global Navigation Satellite Systems
  • Turn-by-Turn Guidance powered by komoot
  • Hill Splitter™
  • Route Guidance
  • Back to Start


  • Precision Prime™
  • Ultra-Long Battery Life

Sleep & Wellness

  • Sleep
  • Nightly Recharge™
  • Sleep Plus Stages™
  • Breathing
  • Serene™

Training & Recovery

  • Training
  • Training Load Pro™
  • Energy Sources
  • Wrist-Based Running Power
  • FitSpark®
  • FuelWise™
  • Weekly Summary
  • Swimming Metrics
  • Running Program
  • Step Count
  • Season Planner
  • Training Targets


  • Military-Grade Durability


  • Dashboards
  • Altimeter
  • Smart Features
  • Polar Flow
  • Music Controls


  • 24/7 Activity Tracking



* All specifications and prices are subject to change without prior notice.

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