Pulse King  Vehicle Pulse Tech Fuel Saver & Battery Desulfator

    Pulse King Vehicle Pulse Tech Fuel Saver & Battery Desulfator

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    Product ID : 216406505
    Model / SKU : F16
    Conditions : New

     Pulse King  Vehicle Pulse Tech Fuel Saver & Battery Desulfator

     Pulse King  Vehicle Pulse Tech Fuel Saver & Battery Desulfator

     Pulse King  Vehicle Pulse Tech Fuel Saver & Battery Desulfator

     Pulse King  Vehicle Pulse Tech Fuel Saver & Battery Desulfator

    Buy With Confidence and 0% risk from a Seller under Lelong Buyer Protection Program. ( refer to the logo on the left top) I also can be contacted at 0122073683 for self collect at Cheras ( John)

    Ready Stock!

    This is USA military Technologies Joint venture with Taiwan company and 100% made in Taiwan without China Parts. and it is copy right all over the world

    Cash On Collect also available in the following area :

    Cheras ( Johnny 0122073683) and we offer free battery checking on your Car Battery Performance for 100% free of charge ( only for self collect)

    I promise you will feel the diffrent immediately when you drive

    I challenge 7 days money back satisfaction without arguement or twister story

    More than 1000 unit have been sold and 100% satisfaction!!!!

    Buy With Confidence and 0% risk from a Seller under Lelong Buyer Protection Program.

    Annoucement, Now Pulse king come with a new look

     photo f16.jpg

     photo f162.jpg

    I always can be contacted at 0122073683 ( Johnny)

    We Give:

    • Money Back satisfaction in 7 Days

    This item is very easy to install and you will feel the result immediatly , We don't sell rumours or curious, We have tested before we put it to the market.

    Most recomended for Car above 4 years old,


    F-16 Pulse King
    (Pulse Tech Fuel Saver & Battery Reviver)

    Size : 6.4 X 4.7 X 1.3 cm
    Color : Silver
    Net Weight : 65 gram
    Gross Weight (Including Packing) : 150 gram

    4 Main Functions:
    Burns better, saves gasoline 5%-15%
    Renews battery, extends battery's life range by up to 5%-15%
    Boosts horsepower obviously
    Starts easier with low battery efficiency
    Additional Benefits:
    Stabilizes voltage, improves the electrical system of older cars
    Keeps batteries in good condition
    New feeling for old cars:
    Headlights are brighter
    Air condition is cooler
    Engine runs more smoothly
    4. Product’s life lasts 3~8 years: Great economic benefit !
    Reduces harmful emissions & battery consumption: Super environment-friendly !
    Specification :




    Model name

    F-16 Pulse King


    Model no.




    6.4 × 4.7 × 1.3 cm



    Aluminum alloy housing、leading wire、PCB (installed with fuse)


    Operation voltage



    Operation current

    Idle: under 1mA


    Work: under 35mA


    Pulse frequency

    50KHz ~ 800KHz

    Non-disclosure information

    Pulse voltage

    0.5V P-P ~ 1.8V P-P

    Non-disclosure information

    Operation temperature

    +60°C~ -10°C

    No air temperature


    One year




    The fuel saving rate noted for the product may

    differ according to different car energy capacity and brand and
    whether the cars are new or old. The reasons for that the product
    shows no fuel saving effect for less than 3% cars are not detectable.
    The function of reviving batteries and extending
    batteries’ lifespan noted for the product is limited in the condition
    when batteries’ aging is caused by batteries plates sulfation.
    The product helps remove sulfates from batteries plates and hence
    revives batteries and extends batteries’ life span.
    Other reasons for batteries’ aging/death do not belong to the
    function range of this product.

    Best for gasoline vehicles with engine power under 3.5 Liter which are used over 5 years or with mileage over 100,000kms.
    (Also applicable to heavy motorcycles with engine power over 350 cc)

    F-16 Pulse King VS. Stabilizers and Japanese pulse products

    Four main functions
    Saves gasoline 5%~15%.
    The vibration power of high frequence pulses strengthen the electric arc of spark plugs. Gasoline mixture will burn more completely and save gasoline by 5%~15%.

    Renews battery, extends battery's lifespan up to5%~15%.
    By the high frequency pulses transmitting from F-16, sulfates on the battery plates will be removed. The space for electrons exchange will get back and battery’s lifespan will be therefore extended.
    Boosts horsepower obviously
    Starts easier with low battery efficiency
    Starts easier in circumstances when batteries are older, of reduced efficiency, or workin gat a cold air temperature.

    Pulse is a modern and safe technology used to launch satellites and
    in signal transmission applications. The F-16 Pulse King only transmits high frequency digital signals, no voltage or currents. It does not damage car'sengine, electrical system, or vehicle microprocessor or ECU.

    The F-16 Pulse King meets CE standard tested by Compliance Certification Services Inc., Taiwan Laboratory. Applicable standard: EMC (Electromagnetic Compatibility) rules. And EMC can be divided into EMI & EMS.

    EMI Electromagnetic Interference = Emissions produced when the machinery performs its function.
    Corresponding test rule: EN 61000-6-3

    EMS Electromagnetic Susceptibility =Resistance ability to the surrounding electromagnetic influences when machinery performs its function.
    Corresponding test rule: EN 61000-6-1

    The test results prove that F-16 Pulse King does not affect the electric system or microprocessor.

    (2) The world-only battery protector

    F-16 Pulse King has the world-only function for battery protection.
    When battery voltage exceeds 14.8V, the LED on the F-16 device will shine red. This indicates overcharge of the alternator which will cause immense damage to the battery. To protect the battery, it would be then highly suggested to send the vehicle to a garage for alternator repair or replacement.

    How To Calculate The Savings Effect Of The F-16 Pulse King?

    Any test requires ”standards”. Driving in downtown meets traffic lights and traffic jams, stops and goes irregularly. No organization in the world can develop test standards with downtown driving. When a few customers and
    taxi drivers “felt like” that F-16 Pulse King did not save fuel after installation of the device, following factors are suggested to be paid attention for “road test”:


    Comparison between before and after installation shall be carried out on highway without obstacles. As mentioned above, no test standards can be developed with downtown driving.


    Before and after installation, the route shall take exactly the same time and identical distances. (It must be round trip.) For example: The distance between A and B is 300 miles. Before installation, the car driving takes 4 hours. After installation, the car driving shall take 4 hours as well. If the time expense is too different, there should be problems with the road conditions. Retest may be then required. Our suggestion about distance and time expense for “Road Test” is described as following:

    (1) Before installation of F-16 Pulse King : Fill up gas tank, drive about 100 miles (round trip on highway) along test route at speed between 55 mile/h-65 mile/h. Then fill up with gas again and measure vehicle fuel consumption.
    (2) Install the F-16 Pulse King according to the instructions.
    (3) Accomplish the test again with the same method as before installation of F-16 Pulse King, then measure the new fuel consumption and note the improvement.

    The Same Wheel Pressure:

    Wheel pressure is one of influence factors to fuel consumption.
    If the wheel pressure is quite different between before and after
    installation of F-16, the comparison of fuel consumption is disturbed
    by the wheel pressure factor and therefore not objective.

    Same speed :

    It is better to fix the speed around 90 km/hr (56 miles/hr). If the speed varies between 110 km/hr and 70 km/hr, the fuel consumption will vary as well and the comparison therefore cannot be measured objectively.

    Add gas at the same time period :

    Gasoline expands and shrinks according to different temperature.
    The amount of gas filled at night can be obviously more than that filled during noon time. Therefore, most of taxi drivers fill the gas for their cars at night or in the early morning.

    Same inside car temperature :

    Air conditioner consumes fuel. The air conditioning temperatures
    inside the car shall be therefore maintained at the same degree
    before and after installation of F-16 for the comparison test.

    Same wind velocity :

    Wind leads to resistance. It is a very important factor that influences
    fuel consumption. The test shall be therefore accomplished under
    stable weather, otherwise the comparison cannot be objective.

    Same weight :

    Tests of before and after installation, the car shall carry identical
    loads (stuffs or persons).

    Identical starting time :

    It is better to select time for test when the traffic on the highway is not
    busy, for example after 8 pm. The test results are more reliable.

    The same driver:

    The driving habits of drivers also affect fuel consumption.

    What is a countercurrent product? And why are they unsuccessful?
    The countercurrent fuel saver was imported from Japan about in 2001. It was ever a hit in Taiwan and exported to after markets of South East Asia, Europe and America etc. But effect of the product was unobvious eventually what resulted in consumers’ doubt and became a failed manufacture.
    The unsuccessful reasons are below:
    1. The countercurrent products are voltage stabilizer actually.
    Voltage stabilization helps only limited effect on ignition enhancement. Therefore, most expected effect of fuel saving can’t be satisfied with countercurrent products.
    2. The manufacture technology of the countercurrent products is very simple.
    Basically it’s made up of dozens of capacitors. The components are easily available and the device easily fabricated. The manufacture process is so easy that more and more factories join the market competition. In order to cost down, they may use bad capacitor components which result in fragile countercurrent products. There’s even accidents of vehicles on fire which were installed with countercurrent products.

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