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    Product ID : 209436971 Brand : QNAP Model / SKU : ES1640dc-v2-E5-96G Conditions : New



    ES1640dc v2

    Enterprise ZFS NAS, offering nearly zero-downtime highly reliable services
    (SAS 12Gb/s)

    The ES1640dc v2 is whole-new product line developed by QNAP for mission-critical tasks and intensive virtualization applications. With Intel® Xeon® E5 processors, dual active controllers, ZFS, and fully supporting virtualization environments, the ES1640dc v2 delivers “real business-class” cloud computing data storage. The ES1640dc v2 features the brand-new QES operating system that allows almost limitless snapshots, block-level data deduplication, and thin provisioning with reclaim, assisting businesses in building the most cost-efficient VDI platform and storage for critical data. The ES1640dc v2 provides the same user experience as the current QNAP NAS and QTS system, allowing business users to enjoy the easy learning curve and quickly deploy the system, and making it ideal for small and medium businesses with budget constraints or large-scale IT divisions coping with mission-critical tasks.

    • Dual active controllers, NVRAM cache, dual mini-SAS channel backup, 40GbE-ready, SAS 12Gb/s-enabled
    • QES operating system which is based on FreeBSD and ZFS
    • Data deduplication and compression allows hosting over 500 VDI in one chassis
    • Near-limitless snapshots and SnapSync for efficient disaster recovery
    • NAS and iSCSI/IP-SAN storage supporting VMware®, Microsoft® Hyper-V, KVM and advanced virtualization features
    • Fully supports OpenStack® iSCSI Cinder driver
    • Scalable design, over 1 PB total storage capacity
    • 5 year warranty - Global warranty inclusive

    Intel® Xeon® E5 dual-controller for nearly zero downtime high-availability

    The ES1640dc v2 is powered by two Intel® Xeon® E5-2400 v2 processors and features dual active-active controller architecture, ensuring businesses with nearly zero downtime high availability as the standby controller can quickly take over if one controller breaks down. The ES1640dc v2 connects to the JBOD enclosure (EJ1600 v2) via the dual path mini-SAS design to sustain continuous operations even if an external JBOD cable is disconnected. Designed around redundancy, the ES1640dc v2 is the best realization of reliable enterprise storage for uninterrupted mission-critical enterprise tasks and productivity.

    Dual controller NAS: high reliability and high availability

    “Reliability” is the primary priority for mission critical business applications. The ES1640dc v2 adopts dual active-active controllers to provide the most reliable base for business IT storage.

    1. Dual active-active controller

    If one controller fails, the other one will immediately take over to provide high availability with the least downtime.

    2. Built-in 4 x 10GbE SFP+ ports

    Intel® XL710 network card provides four 10GbE SFP+ ports to fulfill various iSCSI/NFS/CIFS network data transmission requirements.

    3. Pre-installed dual-port 10GbE (RJ45) network card

    The PCIe slot is pre-installed with a LAN-10G2T-X550 network card that offers two 10GbE RJ45 ports. Users can replace it with a dual-port QSFP+ 40GbE NIC to provide massive data transmission potential and to simplify network cabling.

    4. SAS 12Gb/s hard drive

    Dual-controller architecture that supports SAS 12Gb/s and SAS 6Gb/s hard drives / SSDs, providing versatile storage choices for enterprises.

    5-1. NVRAM w/ Copy-to-Flash

    Battery-protected DRAM write to cache data protection and Flash read acceleration provides industry-leading random access performance to benefit virtual machine deployment.

    5-2. DDR3 RAM

    (1) NVRAM dedicated DDR3 memory modules - supports 16GB, power required by C2F is supplied by BBU.
    (2) Dual-channel DDR3 system main memory - each channel supports 16GB/32GB, providing up to 32GB/64GB total capacity.

    5-3. M.2 SSD

    Stores cache data written by DRAM to ensure information is not lost if the system experiences a sudden power failure.

    6. Dual Path Mini-SAS 12Gb/s (EJ1600 v2), 6Gb/s (EJ1600) JBOD architecture

    Increases the ES1640dc v2’s potential storage capacity to over 1 PB with expansion enclosures.

    7. Intel® Xeon® E5-2400 v2 series processor

    Provides the performance required by software-defined storage and commercial mission-critical applications.

    8. Field-replaceable unit

    Field-replaceable unit (FRU) applies not only to the controllers but also to the cooling fans, power supplies, and the BBU battery pack for C2F (Copy-To-Flash), providing a cost-effective way to maintain complex systems and to replace defective parts.

    NVRAM cache reducing the risks of losing write cache data

    To increase random write performance and reliability, the ES1640dc v2 features NVRAM modules (DRAM Write Cache with Copy-to-flash) to protect write data. When data is written into NVRAM, there are dedicated backup battery units to protect writing to the cache, and at the same time the data is replicated to a backup controller, to achieve 100% data integrity. NVRAM-backed write cache in the dual-controller architecture presents high performance, fault-tolerant, and helps reduce flash SSD write amplification.

    *To ensure write cache data safety, it is recommended to annually replace the BBU.

    QES operating system combining ZFS file system

    The ES1640dc v2 features the brand-new QES (QNAP Enterprise Storage) operating system, which is based on the simple and efficient FreeBSD kernel and the ZFS file system that has been proven through years of experience to be most suitable for high-end enterprise applications. QES supports dual active controller architecture and remote disaster recovery, can be directly integrated into OpenStack® cloud environments, and is designed for intensive virtualization and VDI applications with optimal performance. Continuing the same user experience with the QTS operating system, QES provides business users with an easy learning curve to quickly deploy the ES1640dc v2, and provides the best storage solution jointly with the current QNAP NAS.

    Overview of QNAP Enterprise ZFS NAS and the QES operating systems

    QNAP Enterprise System
    QNAP Turbo NAS System
    Hardware platform Enterprise ZFS NAS
    ES series NAS
    QNAP Turbo NAS
    TS / TVS / TAS / TDS series
    Operating system kernel FreeBSD Linux
    File system ZFS Ext4
    myQNAPcloud Yes Yes
    File Station Yes Yes
    App Station No Yes
    Virtualization Station No Yes
    Container Station No Yes
    Dual active controller Yes No
    NVRAM (Write to cache) Yes No
    40G Ethernet network Yes Yes
    Intel Quick Assist No Yes
    Snapshot upper limit 65536 1024
    Single LUN snapshot upper limit 65536 1024
    Deduplication Yes No
    Real time data compression Yes No
    End-to-End Data Integrity Yes No
    Application consistency Snapshot Agent
    VSS Hardware Provider
    (QNAP NetBak Replicator)
    Snapshot Agent
    VSS Hardware Provider
    (QNAP NetBak Replicator)
    Remote disaster backup and recovery SnapSync Snapshot Replica

    ZFS – the best file system for business data storage

    The ES1640dc v2 features ZFS, a combined file system and logical volume manager, to support various advanced functions for high-end enterprise storage, including powerful storage expansion, flexible storage pools, simplified management, high-performance SSD cache, nearly limitless snapshots and cloning, data deduplication, in-line compression and thin provisioning with reclaim for optimized utilization for virtual machine storage. ZFS is designed with a focus on data integrity, and uses its end-to-end checksums to detect and correct silent data corruption caused by hardware defects, bugs in firmware or metadata errors, effectively protecting user’s data.

    Deduplication and compression to maximize VDI storage performance

    There could be over 90% duplicate data from OS images and applications that are spread over virtual desktops. The ES1640dc v2 supports block-based data deduplication to optimize storage usage from redundant data. Deduplicated virtual desktops become easier to be cached to achieve optimal virtual desktop performance. In-line data compression helps shrink data size, further optimizing storage usage. For mastering storage in a virtualized environment, the ES1640dc v2 provides businesses with the most cost-effective remote virtual desktop platform and mission-critical information warehousing.

    Learn more: All-flash Solution for 500 VDI seats with VMware Horizon View

    Strong disaster recovery made by nearly limitless snapshots and SnapSync

    The ES1640dc v2 supports up to 65,536 snapshots for iSCSI LUN and shared folders. When executing a remote snapshot backup, it only needs to transfer changed data, and can use deduplication and compression to significantly reduce the amount of transferred data. The ES1640dc v2 can provide remote backup SnapSync for snapshots at the shortest interval of every five minutes, fully supports VMware vCenter Site Recovery (SRM) technology, provides Storage Replication Adapter (SRA) for SRM, and provides enterprise-class remote backup & disaster recovery solution to fulfill business continuity.

    Well-rounded backup solutions to secure data

    QNAP Netbak Replicator is an easy-to-use and VSS-aware backup software, and helps businesses to create complete backups in datacenter and virtualization environments without needing to purchase expensive and complex commercial software. To build a QNAP Snap Agent and VSS Hardware Provider operating environment, all applications (including VSS Service, Requestor, Provider and QNAP Snap Agent) can be deployed with VSS-Aware applications on the same server, and the minimal requirements are only one ES1640dc v2 and one server for it to be operational.

    Storage for comprehensive virtualization applications

    The ES1640dc v2 is certified for VMware® vSphere 6.0, and is compatible with Microsoft® Hyper-V and KVM, benefiting flexible deployment and management in virtualization environments. The ES1640dc v2 supports VMware VAAI and Microsoft ODX to increase performance by offloading server loading for ESXi server and Hyper-V respectively, and supports QNAP vSphere Client plug-in, Web plug-in and QNAP SMI-S provider with enhanced efficiency of operations and management in virtualization applications.

    Learn more: VMware® Ready™, Microsoft® Hyper-V™, VMware VAAI, Microsoft ODX, SMI-S provider for Microsoft SCVMM

    OpenStack Ready

    As QNAP’s first "OpenStack Ready" product line, the ES1640dc v2 is not only suitable for virtualization and virtual desktop environments but also the best choice for cloud applications. QES supports OpenStack® Cinder and iSCSI Cinder Node drivers, and provides block-level storage space to virtual machines. It not only accelerates the deployment of virtual machines and enhances virtual machine image access efficiency through iSCSI, but it is also easier to integrate into commercial cloud storage platforms.

    QNAP x Platform9: Deploy a Hybrid Cloud with OpenStack

    Platform9 is a cloud-based OpenStack management platform. While a pure OpenStack environment can take weeks to properly deploy, with Platform9 it can be done in minutes. QNAP and Platform9 have joined forces to provide a powerful storage solution that is easy to deploy and easy to use for OpenStack environments. By adopting the joint QNAP ES1640dc v2 and Platform9 solution you can deploy OpenStack in a very short time with the integrated QNAP Cinder driver (no manual installation required), attain highly-available QNAP storage for on-site data, and benefit from comprehensive functions and applications that are available on QNAP’s enterprise-grade and affordable business-class storage solutions.

    Learn more: QNAP & Platform9 Joint Solution

    5 year warranty - Global warranty inclusive

    QNAP's ES1640dc v2 offers 5 year warranty with 3-year global warranty inclusive at no extra cost. This premier warranty demonstrates QNAP's attention to the essential business needs of continuous operations and non-interrupted services to their customers.

    Learn more: QNAP warranty services

    Seamless capacity expansion

    The ES1640dc v2 supports efficient capacity expansion by cascading multiple QNAP RAID expansion enclosures to meet the needs of growing business data, providing businesses a cost-efficient storage solution for large data archiving and virtualization applications.

    Featuring dual controllers, dual-loop architecture, the ES1640dc v2 and the corresponding JBOD expansion enclosures all provide dual-channel (Dual Path) to tolerate single node failure. Even if an external JBOD cable is disconnected due to external damage to the mini-SAS cable, it can still run normally. This is essential for better intermachine data protection and capacity scalability.

    The maximum number of drives available by connecting QNAP expansion enclosures:

    NAS Model RAID Expansion Enclosure No. of RAID Expansion Enclosure Total HDD No. (NAS + Enclosure)
    ES1640dc v2 EJ1600
    EJ1600 v2
    7 128
    6 112
    5 96
    4 80
    3 64
    2 48
    1 32

    Learn more: QNAP expansion enclosure

    Optional Accessory


    DDR type: DDRⅢ(240 PIN)

    Capacity: 16GB

    Spec: 512M X 8

    Manufacturer: TRANSCEND

    Frequency: DDR3-1333

    Form(PIN): 240PIN

    with ECC Supported: ECC/REG

    Manufacturer P/N: TS2GKR72V3H

    Power Supply: 1.5V

    Dram Organization: 2048M*72

    Temperature: 0℃~85℃

    Environmental Regulation: RoHS


    DDR type: DDRⅢ(240 PIN)

    Capacity: 32GB

    Spec: 2G X 4

    Manufacturer: TRANSCEND

    Frequency: DDR3-1600

    Form(PIN): 240PIN

    with ECC Supported: ECC/REG

    Manufacturer P/N: TS4GKR72V6P RDIMM

    Power Supply: 1.5V

    Dram Organization: 4G*72

    Temperature: 0℃~85℃

    Environmental Regulation: RoHS


    M.2 2280 SATA 6Gb/s SSD, 64GB, Internal SSD Module

    Dimension (L × W × H): 64.00 × 120.00 × 24.00 (cm)

    Weight: 120.00 (kg)


    Rail Kit for ES NAS Series

    Note: RAIL-E02 is included inside package of ES NAS and EJ JBOD series



    Note: This 10GbE SFP+ network cable is designed for NAS models with an integrated 10GbE SFP+ LAN port or a 10GbE SFP+ network card.


    Mini SAS external cable (SFF-8644 to SFF-8644), 0.5 m


    mini SAS cable (0.5M, SFF-8644-8088)


    1.0 M Mini SAS external cable (SFF-8644 to SFF-8644)


    mini SAS cable (1.0M, SFF-8644-8088)


    2.0M mini SAS cable ( SFF-8644 to SFF-8644)


    Mini SAS external cable (SFF-8644 to SFF-8088), 2.0 m


    mini SAS cable (3.0M, SFF-8644)


    mini SAS cable (3.0M, SFF-8644 to SFF-8088)


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    SALES INQ: 018-909 4962 (WANI) EMAIL : itcatstore@catenet.my

    TECHNICAL: 010-2899 501

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