R4i Dual Core 2015 for 3DS NDS XL/LL 3DS 3DS for FW11.1

    R4i Dual Core 2015 for 3DS NDS XL/LL 3DS 3DS for FW11.1

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    R4i Dual Core 2015 for 3DS NDS XL/LL 3DS 3DS for FW11.1


    R4 Dual Core (White) 2015 for Nintendo Consoles


    Q1: R4i don't save game. When restart the DSi, the game is started at the beginning.

    Answer: Before using our R4 card, take the Micro sd card format according to the following step, it will guarantee Micro sd card perfectly compatible in the game and the process of using.
    If you don't format the Micro sd card according to this step, it maybe appear below problems
    1.After the RTS started, white screen issue
    2.After the RTS started, the game crash issue
    3.it is more slowly when you run the game
    4.it will appear white screen when you load the kernel
    For avoiding and solving above problems, Please run the Micro sd card format the special tools "SDFormatter", according to the below step:

    Choose "cover format" and "on" logic sizing options, click (OK) after formatting, waiting for complete.
    Formatting tools download link:Formatter 3.1 

    Q2: An error message appears whenever restart saying that the file name of a game is too long. 

    Answer: There is a maximum limit of the full path name in the kernel (max 80 chars). Please reduce the filename, it will work again.

    Q3: How to change the language setting of the R4i? 

    Answer: To change prefer language, press “X, B” to select the “language” setting button which locate at the top screen (third icon from the top).

    Q4: When start it up with a download game, the game cannot play.

    Answer: That is due to the anti?flash card routine of the new games. Download the latest version of the R4i kernel which provides the solution for the game, in the meanwhile temporary can use the patch version of the ROM (if available in the web). Report the name of problem game to the R4i?SDHC support team.

    Q5: How to customize or change R4i skin? 

    Answer: Can download customize skin from the official web site . To create the own customize skins/themes; please refer to the document “ English kernel download instruction” which can be found at the official web site. For the R4i v1.08b onward the kernel will able to support multiple skins, user can install maximum up to 8 skins/themes to the kernel.

    Q6: If the games list is pretty large, and only 4 games at a time as I scroll thru them, and each has its own icon. It takes forever to scroll thru the list. Is there a way to just view text?

    Answer: There is a “zoom in/out” icon at the left bottom corner of the bottom/touch screen. Press it to switch to the text view mode. Also can use the left/right button the scroll the list by page mode, each page contain 4 games.

    Q7: How to return back to the firmware/kernel during playing game?

    Answer: Press at the keys (left + right + up + down + X + Y + B + A + L + R) during playing games.

    Q8: How to enable game cheating? 

    Answer: First highlight the NDS ROM you want to apply the cheats to. Second press the B button to go into the cheats options menu and checkmark each cheat you want to enable. Third turn the cheats on for that ROM by clicking the cheat on/off button. Last you'll notice the wrench icon will be yellow which indicates cheats are on. You have to press “x” or “B” to view the cheats and to turn it on don’t forget to press the save button when the cheat is on the grey key turns gold Gold= ON Gray= OFF Please update the “usrcheat.dat” from the ?SDHC official web site to support cheat function of new games.

    Q9: How to return back to the firmware/kernel from Moonshell (multimedia player)? 

    Answer: Press “start” button, and select the “Return to the firmware” from the menu.

    Q10: Stuck at the “MENU” screen after loading DSi.

    Answer: No firmware or wrong firmware was installed in the SD card. Please refer to the instruction to install R4i?SDHC to the SD card. The instruction can be found at the R4i?SDHC official web site .

    Q11: Stuck at the “NO CARD” screen after loading DSi.

    Answer: SD Card not found. Please check whether SD card was insert properly or not into the flash card. Otherwise SD card could be fault.

    Q12: Stuck at the “LOADING” screen after loading DSi. 

    Answer: Make sure using the official firmware from the R4i?SDHC official web site www.r4isdhc.com Or the flash card is not “R4I?SDHC or R4?SDHC”.

    Q1:What is the difference between with R4iSDHC RTS and other products?

    Answer:R4iSDHC RTS is the first generation of one and only R4 and R4i RTS series. It provides new innovative product design concepts, game compatibility, interface operability, and the stability of the game accessibility (real-time archiving, the soft reset, cheat, etc.). Software update will allow the most up to date compatibility.

    Q2:How do you install the firmware for R4iSDHC RTS?

    Answer:ownload the appropriate firmware package for the R4iSDHC RTS then unzip the compressed file . Please these following files onto the Root of the microSD. "_system_" folder, "_DS_MENU.DAT", and "_ds_menu.sys" In addition, for multimedia features you can also install the Moonshell application. Place the "moonshl2" folder and "moonshl2.nds" file to the root of the microSD card.

    Q3: Does R4iSDHC RTS support NDSi LL / NDSi XL consoles?

    Answer: Yes, the R4iSDHC RTS is compatible with all the NDS, NDSL / IDSL, NDSi / IDSi, NDSi LL / NDSi XL consoles.

    Q4:Can R4iSDHC RTS be used to run Homebrews?

    Answer:Yes, for example, Moonshell can be run with the R4i built in DLDI automatic patching system.

    Q5: What is the maximum capacity microSD that can be used with the R4iSDHC RTS?

    Answer:R4iSDHC RTS supports the standard SDHC maximum capacity, that is 32GB. FAT and FAT32 formats are recommended. And it does not recognize NTFS, and exFAT format

    Q6:Does R4iSDHC RTS System Language support multi-language interface and displaying corresponding encoded text?

    Answer: R4iSDHC RTS supports the follow languages: English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Russian, Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese language interface. And it will also support local codes for the above languages.

    Q7:I have saves from previous cartridges such as R4 or R4SDHC/R4i SDHC/R4i RTS or the M3DS Real/M3i Zero. Can I still use these saves? And also use the saves provided by other people?

    Answer:To use save from another cartridge or from another user can be convert following these steps. Rename the save to corresponding to the game name. For example: game001.sav will need to correspond to game001.nds. The save can now be used with the new R4iSDHC RTS. 8?Why do some CLEAN ROM still fails to load?

    Q8: Why do some CLEAN ROM still fails to load? 

    Answer:To ensure the most up to date compatibility please be sure to stay updated. Watch for updates from our websites and download the latest firmware when it's released. Newer games may also be incompatible with RTS or other features in which case please try turning off these features and load the games again.

    Q9:Can R4i R4iSDHC RTS 's RTS be used with other features simultaneously?

    Answer:While RTS is active features such as DLP and softreset will be disabled. Please refer to our RTS section for more details.

    Q10:Why is the progress bar repeating itself while loading a game? And what is the meaning of the different colors showing on the progress bar?

    Answer:If the progress bar repeats itself while loading a game it may be a indication where the save file was not created successfully. Please check the microSD storage space and see if it's full. For color explanation please refer to our Loading section for more information.

    Q11: How do I watch movies, listen to music, books and browse the image then?

    Answer:R4iSDHC RTS is intergrated with Moonshell 2.x application. These are the formats which are support by the Moonshell application: MP3, Ogg, DPG2 format playback, compatible with the previous DPG0/DPG1 format, TXT text and pictures formats.

    Q12: How do I convert the movies?

    Answer:You may try converting tools such as the Moonshell DPG video conversion software. Or third party converter software such as BatchDPG.

    Q13:How do I replace R4iSDHC RTS system interface skin?

    Answer:Custom themes and skins are placed under " _system_ Fla skins " directory. Once it's placed onto the microSD from the R4iSDHC RTS system menu choose Option then Themes to change the themes. For more information please refer to our Skinning section.

    Q14:Why is the R4iSDHC RTS booting into a blue screen or it's not displaying properly?

    Answer:The skin files may have been corrupted you will need to replace the default skin file back onto the microSD and reboot the console. It is advice to backup all the default and original skin file first before replacing it with custom themes.

    Q15:My console used Flashme firmware before will the R4iSDHC RTS be compatible with it? 

    Answer:(NDS / IDS / NDSL / IDSL) R4iSDHC RTS will support flashed consoles and non-flashed consoles as well. NDS/IDS/NDSL/IDSL.




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