SmokTech R-Tank Wick Replacements 2.0ohm,2.5om,3.0ohm

    SmokTech R-Tank Wick Replacements 2.0ohm,2.5om,3.0ohm

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    Brand Smok
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    SmokTech R-Tank Wick Replacements 2.0ohm,2.5om,3.0ohm

    SmokTech R-Tank Wick Replacements - The R-Tank device is NOT for beginners - See warnings below

    The R-Tank is a rebuild-able top coil tank system and these are the replacement wicks for that device. (see related items below)

    The replacement wicks are available in 2.0 and 2.5 Ohm (± 0.2) Resistance.

    How often the wicks need to be replaced is really up to you. Theoretically, a single wick should last for a very long time (months) if handled/maintained properly. But if you need to replace your wick, you will want to do it when there is very little Vapour Liquid remaining in the tank as it will likely be wasted.

    To replace the wick, follow these steps (you WILL get your hands dirty):
    Disassembly -
    Place a cloth or something absorbent on a flat surface large enough in which to work
    Disassemble the atomizer by removing the top drip tip housing, exposing the coil
    *Note: This is where it gets REALLY messy
    Continue disassembly by unscrewing the base of the atomizer from the coil top
    When you separate the base from the tank housing, any remaining liquid will drain so be ready for it
    Separate the tank housing from the top coil assembly by pulling to release the o-ring seal
    To remove the old wick, the coil wires must first be detached from the coil posts
    Apply downward pressure on the flat "washer" at the top of the spring coil post and free the wire
    Repeat for the second post
    The old wick should now pull free from the top coil assembly
    Clean and wipe any excess liquid or buildup from the entire assembly
    *Note: Use extreme caution when working around the o-rings as they are critical and MUST not be damaged

    Replacement -
    *Note: The coil on the new wick should be inspected and avoid mishandling or over handling the wire
    These replacement wicks usually have stiff tips but if they are freyed, use a pair of sharp scissors to trim them on an angle, slightly
    *Note: Do not trim very much if any as trimming to length comes later
    Adjust the position of the coil wire on the wick so that it is approximatly centered on the wick
    Insert one end of the coil into one of the holes on the top coily assembly
    Insert the other end of the coil into the other hole
    Pull both ends, evenly through the holes so that the coil is "roughly" in position
    Trim both ends of the wick to just beyond the end of the top coil assembly bottom tube
    Wrap one end of the coil wire around the closest spring coil post (with the wire above the flat washer)
    Wrap the end of the coil wire around the other spring coil post (with the wire above the flat washer)
    Trim the excess wire as close as possible to the post
    Bend/tuck the cut end to ensure that it does not touch any other metal pieces except the post

    Assembly -
    Insert the bottom tube of top coil assembly into the tank and press gently and seat on the o-ring
    At this point, some people like to "frey" the wick a little bit to facilitate better wicking of some Vapour Liquids. This is personal preference and you should do what works best for you.
    Place the base of the atomizer assembly centered on the other end of the tank with the o-ring inserting into the tank
    *Note: Ensure that both ends of the wick are completely inside the tank and not in the path of the o-ring or threads for the base as it may cause leaking
    Gently tighten the atomizer base by screwing it into the top coil assembly bottom tube

    Testing -
    *Note: The drip tip housing is still removed and top coil is exposed
    Attach the atomizer assembly to your battery
    Prime the coil with a drop or two of vapour liquid
    Test the connections by pressing your battery button for a second or two and the liquid should turn to vapour
    *Note: If it does not work, check the obvious first (your battery) before checking/manipulating the coil wire connections
    Fill the tank with your favourite Vapour Liquid and watch for proper wicking
    Screw the drip tip housing onto the top of the atomizer assembly
    You have completed the wick replacement, now VAPE ON!

    Rebuild-ables are for experts, not average or beginner vapers. At a minimum you should have (and know how to use) a multimeter, know when a meter should be used and have basic knowledge of how electronic devices work. Without these things, these devices cannot be safely used.

    Things to note:
    A faulty coil can damage the atomizer device and/or battery
    A coil should be tested with a meter and visually inspected before using
    A good coil can easily become faulty with improper or excessive (which is improper) handling
    If a coil "kinks" throw it away and start over
    Even after testing good, if not properly installed, a coil may still become faulty at any time after installation



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    Poslaju parcel will be collected in 11am every day, after11am, we will be sent the next day.Therefore, after 11am of remittances, things will be sent the next day.






    Always make sure no liquid flooded inside the connector before you charge, use soft wipe paper or cloth to clean it. Especially before put into the charger.

    - Don't over tightening during screw in atomizer/charger into the batteries. Once feel the center pole for both batteries and atomizer/charger contacted, stop from screw in. This will avoid the +ve batteries terminal from push deep inside then damage the switch circuit

    Note: All of the above Warranty will not cover physical damaged or damage due to the human error.


    We will help you to send back to manufacturer for warranty claim or repair but all shipping cost will be bear by the owner






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