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  • Brand : RCC
    Model / SKU : 10ml Btl.
    Conditions : New

    Product Description


    Stevia Sweetener (RCC)


    Product details of Stevia Extract Drops in 10ml. Bottle

    Stevia Drops is a product processed from stevia leaves extract. The natural sweetness from the extract is 300 times more than regular sugar. Clinical studies show Stevia is suitable as a substitute for regular sugar. Function as a natural sweetener, the study also shows this sweetener effectively lowering the level of diabetes, high blood pressure and weight loss and obesity.

    The glycaemic index is a measure of how your blood sugar reacts to foods with carbohydrates. Low glycaemic foods do not raise blood sugar levels as much as high glycaemic foods. High glycaemic foods are to be avoided if you have conditions that result in poor blood sugar control such as diabetes and metabolic syndrome. Stevia is a non-nutritive sweetener that does not affect blood sugar.

    Usage: 1 or 2 drops Stevia extract into 200ml

    Box contain -1 green bottle (10ml)

    8 surprising health benefits of stevia you didn’t know about!

    If you are a diabetic or are on a diet, sugar is possibly one of your worst enemies. And to satiate your sweet cravings, you must have tried everything out there. But did you know that stevia can help your body in a number of ways other than controlling your sugar levels and aiding in your weight loss goals? Here are eight benefits of the wonder sweetener that you might not have known about.

    #1 lowers your blood sugar levels

    Stevia is used as a substitute for sugar, especially for diabetics. It contains a compound called steviol glycoside that is not absorbed by the body and cannot be broken down and hence, is flushed out directly. It stabilizes your blood sugarby increasing insulin resistance, inhibits the absorption of glucose and promotes the health of the pancreas.

    Tip:Stevia tea is one of the best concoctions to keep one’s blood sugar under control. Just steep some stevia leaves in warm water for about five to seven minutes. Drink this tea either hot or cold two to three times a day.

    Warning:People with low blood sugar should avoid drinking stevia tea as it could lead to a drastic drop in blood sugar levels.

    #2 Controls high blood pressure

    According to a study published in the Brazilian Journal of Biology and Technology stevia can lower the blood pressure in people suffering from hypertension. However, the results are seen over one to two years. Hence, people who are more prone to the disease can it in their diet to prevent hypertension.

    Tip:Drink a cup of stevia tea on a daily basis to maintain your blood pressure levelsand lower your risk as well.

    #3 Beats dandruff and acne

    Being packed with anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory compounds, stevia can help you to get rid of acne and dandruff. Apart from this, it is used to repair dry and damaged hair.

    Tip:For dandruff free hair, just add a few drops of stevia extract into your shampoo and use it regularly. In case of acne, either make a paste of the leaves or apply the extract directly to the pimple and leave overnight. The extract will dry out the pimple and more importantly will not leave a blemish. It is important to note that one must use it regularly to see the desired results.

    #4 Reduces wrinkles and fine lines

    Stevia contains a compound called retinoic acid that thwarts the progression of wrinkles. It works by inhibiting the breakdown of cells especially collagen and elastin. Moreover, it reduces sebum production and even enhances the life span of cells.

    Tip:To reap its skincare benefits, all you need to do is mix stevia extract in their regular face cream and use it on a daily basis. Alternatively, you can apply the extract on your face every night and wash it off with cold water after half an hour.

    #5 Helps protect your teeth and gums

    Gingivitisis an infection of the gums caused by bacteria. As stevia contains antibacterial and inflammatory compounds, it prevents the colonization of bacteria in the mouth and around the gums. This in turn hinders the formation of cavities and plaque that predominantly contributes to the onset of gingivitis.

    Tip:Add few drops of stevia extract to your toothpaste or gargle regularly with the stevia mouthwash or stevia tea. To make stevia mouthwash add two to three drops of stevia extract to a small cup of warm water and gargle. Read about how to treat various oral problems like toothache, bad breath and yellow teeth at home.

    #6 Reduces heartburn and indigestion

    The presence of specific plant glycosides in stevia soothes an irritated stomach lining and thus, aids in the treatment of indigestionand heartburn.

    Tip:Drink a cup of warm stevia tea to deal with indigestion, whereas its cooled form combats heartburn.

    #7 Aids in weight loss

    Stevia is great for weight lossas it contains no calories and can be used a sweetener. You can use it in baked and cooked products as the glycosides present in it, do not break down when cooked. An added advantage of this leaf is that it has the capability of reducing your cravings for fatty foods.

    Tip:In order to use stevia in everyday cooking, add the extract or the leaf to your daily diet to satiate your cravings. Here are 8 healthy, protein-rich snacks to beat hunger pangs.

    #8 Heals wounds faster

    Stevia inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria and thus, acts as a powerful natural aid to treat wounds and minor skin infections. Naturopaths believe that it has the capability to reduce the pain associated with sores and even treat athlete’s foot.

    Tip:To treat athlete’s foot, soak your feet in warm water containing few drops of stevia extract. After soaking them for about fifteen minutes, pat dry the area. Do this for about two weeks for desired results. Also read about how to deal with common medical emergencies like cuts, wounds, burns, fractures and more.

    Disclaimer: This article is meant only for information. It is based on home remedies and does not condemn or condone the use of stevia.

    Stevia Sweetener

    Merupakan produk yang mengandungi ekstrak dari daun stevia. Kemanisan yang terhasil dari daun stevia merupakan Pemanis Semulajadi yang 300 kali lebih manis dari gula biasa. Kajian klinikal menunjukan STEVIA berguna sebagai pengganti gula. Lebih dari sifat pemanis, kajian juga menunjukkan kesan penurunan tahap kawalan Diabetes, Penurunan tahap tekanan darah tinggi dan penurunan berat badan untuk pesakit obesiti.

    Pengenalan Stevia

    Stevia merupakan 150 spesies herba daripada keluarga bunga matahari (Astereacea). Ia secara rasminya ditemui pada kurun ke-19 oleh Dr.Moises Santiago Bertoni. Beliau menamakannya sebagai Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni sebagai penghormatan kepada ahli kimia Paraguay. Ia merupakan tumbuhan yang berasal daripada kawasan tropika dan sub-tropika di Amerika Selatan dan Amerika Tengah. Stevia yang digunakan secara meluas sebagai pemanis adalah stevia dari spesies Rebaudiana. Ia juga dikenali sebagai sweetleaf, sugarleaf atau sweet herb.

    Ia merupakan sejenis tumbuhan herba berbatang lembut. Untuk menanamnya, medium yang digunakan adalah dari jenis poros supaya tiada air yang akan bertakung selepas ia disiram. Daunnya berbentuk bujur, batangnya halus dan bergerutu. Dalam keadaan optimum Stevia boleh mencapai ketinggian sehingga 1 meter atau lebih. Ia mengeluarkan bunga kecil warna putih.

    Kegunaan Stevia

    Kegunaan Stevia sebagai pemanis mula disedari oleh orang Eropah pada kurun ke-16. Sejak itu ia mula digunakan dengan meluas di Eropah sehinggalah dibawa ke Asia. Walaubagaimanapun kajian terhadap Stevia hanya mula dilakukan pada kurun ke-19 apabila para pengkaji di Brazil mendengar cerita yang sehelai daun Stevia boleh memaniskan sebiji buah peria dan juga secawan teh herba yang kelat. Ia mula dikaji oleh seorang ahli botani Paraguay yang bernama Moises S.Bertoni yang kemudiannya menulius antara artikel-artikel awal mengenai Stevia pada awal kurun ke-19.

    Ciri yang paling unik mengenai Stevia ialah ia merupakan pemanis semulajadi yang tidak mengandungi kalori. Ciri ini telah menarik minat para pengkaji untuk menjalankan kajian terhadap Stevia. Kajian terhadap toksidnya,mendapati kandungan utama yang menyebabkan ia manis iaitu Steviosid tidak toksid.

    Khasiat Stevia

    -Mengimbangi kandungan gula dalam badan.

    -Menurunkan kadar gula yang terdapat di dalam darah sesuai untuk pesakit diabetes dan hypoglycemia.

    -Melawaskan pembuangan air kencing.

    -Meningkatkan kadar tenaga di dalam tubuh badan.

    -Melicinkan dan memutihkan kulit serta awet muda.

    -Membantu sistem penghadaman makanan.

    Kelebihan Stevia

    Kandungan utama yang menyebabkannya rasa manis adalah bahan steviosides yang tidak mengandungi toksik.

    Steviosides yang diambil secara oral adalah berkesan untuk menurunkan tekanan darah dan ia mungkin boleh dipertimbangkan sebagai bahan alternatif atau tambahan untuk pesakit darah tinggi.

    Ujian terhadap kesan hipoglisemik glikosid (kekurangan gula dalam darah) dalam stevia mendapati steviol tidak menghasilkan glukosa, bermakna ia baik untuk penghidap diabetes / kencing manis.

    Pengkaji Denmark mendapati hipoglisemik in vitro yang dilakukan steviosid dan steviol berupaya menghasilkan insulin melalui tindakan terus terhadap sel-sel beta.

    Ada kajian menyatakan Stevia juga digunakan sebagai tonik untuk jantung dan berfungsi menstabilkan tekanan darah serta degupan jantung.

    Ekstrak Stevia Rebaudiana yang bebas kalori atau sifar kalori sesuai digunakan bahan ganti gula biasa bagi golongan yang mengalami masalah obesiti yang ketagihan gula.

    Dua kajian dilakukan oleh Purdue University's Dental Science Research Group mendapati steviosides menghalang pembentukan plak (karat) gigi dan membantu menghalang gigi berlubang (cavities).

    BUKAN AHLI / Non Member

    1 BOTOL (Royal Sweetener Stevia):- @ Rm 50.00 + termasuk GST

    1 KOTAK ( 3 Botol Royal Sweetener Stevia): Rm 150.00 + termasuk GST

    Anda Juga Boleh Beli Royal Sweetener Stevia Mengikut Pakej Di Bawah Untuk Lebih Jimat & Perolehi Lebih Banyak Kelebihan…

    PACKAGE SILVER: Rm 140.00 - JIMAT Rm 35.00 - Rm 40.00

    3 Botol (1 kotak )


    Layak diskaun sehingga 40% pembelian seterusnya

    Kumpul mata ganjaran & tebus hadiah lumayan

    Layak tabung khairat kematian sehingga RM5000

    Layak tabung kebajikan antara Rm1000 hingga Rm5000

    PACKAGE GOLD: Rm 420.00 - JIMAT Rm 105.00 - Rm 120.00

    9 Botol (3 Kotak)


    Layak diskaun sehingga 40% pembelian seterusnya

    Kumpul mata ganjaran & tebus hadiah lumayan

    Layak tabung khairat kematian sehingga Rm5000

    Layak tabung kebajikan antara Rm1000 hingga Rm5000

    PACKAGE PLATINUM: Rm 980.00 - JIMAT Rm 245.00 - Rm 280.00

    21 Botol (7 Kotak)


    Layak diskaun sehingga 40% pembelian seterusnya

    Kumpul mata ganjaran & tebus hadiah lumayan

    Layak tabung khairat kematian sehingga Rm5000

    Layak tabung kebajikan antara Rm1000 hingga Rm5000


    1) Pesakit Diabetis

    2) Pesakit Migrain - mendetokskan darah

    3) Pharmacy/Klinik/Kedai Jamu dan Produk Kesihatan

    4) Individu/keluarga yang menjaga kesihatan untuk mencari pengganti gula

    5) Individu/keluarga yang sangat menjaga kesihatan

    Kebaikan Stevia:-

    - Mengimbangkan kandugan gula dalam badan

    - Menurunkan kadar guka dalam darah, sesuai untuk pesakit kencing manis

    - Melawaskan pembuangan air kencing

    - Membantu sistem pengahadaman makanan

    - Berupaya mengawal berat badan

    - Mengurangkan masalah keradangan

    1 titis bersamaan 3 sudu gula tetapi tiada kalori

    Masukkan 1 atau 2 titis dalam 200ml air (Boleh digunakan dalam teh & kopi)

    Selamat digunakan dalam masakan

    Rm 50.00/ botol

    RM 140.00/ kotak (3botol) - harga ahli

    Harga termasuk GST by RCC

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    Last Updated @ 8/22/2017 10:34:41 AM

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