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Pacific Wise – A grew rapidly office supplies platform which was incorporated since 7 July 1999. Today, we are one of leading One-Stop office solution provider, Importer, Distributor of various paper especially computer form, copier paper, printing form, jumbo roll tissue, toilet roll and etc. Between, we have also have own an office and warehouse which approximately 22,000 sqft, a team of 90+ dedicated staff and an extensive logistic fleet network of 15+ van and lorry. Most importantly, with the latest technologies and seamless integration implemented together with our innovative business model, we have successfully make a tremendously changes our business from offline to online mode. Our business core value is always committed to provide 1st class services orientated with its uncompromisingly integrity and passionate commitment to quality and customer service.

In days of old, business was arguably a lot simpler. We produced or procured something and sold it for a profit, building up a good reputation over time so as to ensure ongoing patronage. However, fast forward 100 years and business has changed considerably. A lot more creativity is needed to get noticed in a time-pressed world (not to mention in making a sale). You are probably facing global competitors, and in many instances a widely dispersed audience who are increasingly difficult to reach in a cost effective manner.

Pacific Wise have started realized “Business model innovation is the key to unlocking transformational growth “ years ago. Therefore, we realized that the business model optimization is required and we have started perform the changed by turned the traditional business model from offline to online mode.

Our first e-commerce platform (estore.pacificwise.com.my) which mainly used to sell our product online was created since 2010. Over the past few years, we have actively focused on e-commerce, IT infrastructures, SEO, SEM, and implemented some innovative business model (such as Add-on Model, Advertising Model, Bait and Hook Model, Direct Sales Model, Freemium Model and a lot others more). In additional, the functional and securable website (www.alattulis.com.my) was created in 2016.

Other than this, we also realize the value is created through internal business processes. We strongly believe that the internal processes could create and deliver the value proposition for customers. Thus, with the various business process improvement activities over past few years, such as seamless system integration on the daily operation system to measure the KPI, process control on every individual department with all the standard process documented, customer management processes (Customer selection, acquisition, retention and deepening customer relationships) and innovation processes which ultimately help the company to infiltrate new markets and customer segments. And with all the above implementation, every objectives strategy that map’s to internal process perspective has clearly accomplished our organization’s strategy.


To conclude, Pacific Wise, yet the largest offices supplies in Malaysia but we feel proud that we always can adapt with the fast pace changed environment and competitive market. We are READY. We believe with latest cutting edges and on-going innovative technology implemented, it will be bring our company to another stages.



With proudly Pacific Wise Sdn Bhd is corporating more than 300 manufacturers with 11,000 above stationery and pantry items.

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