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Amazing deals are meant to be shared. Groupme offers a fun & unique experience for the online shopping community. Simply pool your friends to unlock the lowest price. With more buyers, come great discounts.

How It Works?

Step 1: Reserve
Select & reserve your product to take part in our amazing deal.
Step 2: Share
Share the deal with your friends to unlock the lowest price. The more people reserve, the lower the final price.
Step 3: Pay
Proceed to payment of the final price after deal is completed.

Why Groupme?

Ongoing Deals

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RM 33.00   RM 40.00   18% Off
RM 33.00
6 reserved
RM 30.00
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RM 24.00
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RM 31.00   RM 35.00   11% Off
RM 31.00
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RM 28.00
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RM 22.00
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