How It Works?

Step 1: Reserve
Select & reserve your product to take part in our amazing deal.
Step 2: Share
Share the deal with your friends to unlock the lowest price. The more people reserve, the lower the final price.
Step 3: Pay
Proceed to payment of the final price after deal is completed.


  1. How does Groupme work?
  2. You can reserve now for free or with a small deposit, if required, to secure your purchase of the limited deal. You can influence the price of the products that appear on Groupme deals by sharing the deal to your family and friends via sharing platforms available or other sharing methods. The more the product is reserved, the lower the price. Each deal runs for an average of 2 to 3 weeks and features different price tiers that can be unlocked depending on the number of units reserved. It also features a total limited quantity available for purchase. Therefore, the deal will automatically end when it has reached the time or quantity limit, or whichever comes first. Upon deal ends successfully, you will be notified to make payment within a certain period of time. If the deal is cancelled, deposits will be refunded.

  3. Is there a purchase limit?
  4. All the deals have a limited number of units available for each person. The limits will be shown on each specific product description page.

  5. Can I reserve if the deal has exceeded the maximum targeted quantity?
  6. Once the deal has reached its maximum quantity limit, it will be automatically closed and you can no longer place any order.

  7. When do I need to pay the deposit?
  8. Payment for the deposit is made upon reserving the deal.

  9. Is the deposit refundable?
  10. Deposit is non-refundable, unless the deal is cancelled due to the minimum unlock quantity is not met.

  11. When can I get refund for the deposit if the deal has been cancelled?
  12. Refunds typically appear on the statement within 7 to 14 business days.

  13. What payment methods do you accept?
  14. We accept payments via NetPay. Payment can be made through internet banking or credit/debit cards.

  15. What happens when a deal ends?
  16. You will be notified by an email in regards to the status order. If the deal is successful, you can proceed to making payment. If the deal is cancelled, refund of the deposit will be made.

  17. Where can I check my order status?
  18. You can check your status order in your account under “A. My Buying > 1. My Purchase.

  19. What does my order status mean?
  20. You will receive multiple email updates regarding the status of your package:

      - Order Confirmation: You have successfully reserved the product
      - Order Cancellation: Your order has been cancelled due to insufficient demand to hit the minimum required quantity
      - Payment Confirmation: You have successfully made the payment
      - Shipment Notification: Your item has shipped. This will include the tracking number for the particular item/package.

  21. What happens if the minimum unlock quantity is not met?
  22. If the first price tier is not reached before the deal ends, the order will be cancelled and refunds of the deposits will be made.

  23. What happens when the minimum unlock quantity is met?
  24. You will receive an email notification of the order confirmation. You will also be notified to complete the closing payment of the deal.

  25. When do I need to pay for the final price?
  26. We only collect payment after the deal has ended successfully.

  27. What is the total price that I should pay?
  28. You will be charged for the final price based on the price tier that was reached after deducting the deposits made earlier. Shipping fee is also included to the total amount.

  29. If I failed to make payment within the payment period, will my deposit get refunded?
  30. Your deposit will be forfeited if you fail to pay within the payment period.

  31. Can I modify/cancel my order?
  32. You cannot modify/cancel your order once you have reserved the deal. Otherwise, your deposit will be forfeited.

  33. When will you ship my order?
  34. After the deal ends, we will collect payments from all buyers and then place the consolidated orders to manufacturers/distributors, who then prepare them for shipment to our warehouse. Once the consolidated orders have arrived, our warehouse team will then repackage them into individual orders for shipment to your doorstep.

  35. How long does it take for my parcel to arrive?
  36. Shipping process varies depending on the product. Each deal has a different estimated shipping period. The estimated shipping period is shown at every specific product page.

  37. What courier service do you use for shipping?
  38. For shipping, orders will be delivered by courier services.

  39. How much do you charge for shipping fee?
  40. Shipping fee varies depending on the products. The shipping fee is shown at every specific product page.

  41. How do I track my order?
  42. You will receive an email for the tracking number of your order after the payment is completed. Please note that the shipping details could take a day or two to be updated.

  43. How do I sell through GroupMe?
  44. You may drop us an email at In your submission, please state which product(s) you’re interested in selling and provide all of the contact information, product costing, and other relevant information as well. We will contact you as soon as we can.

  45. Exchange & Return Policy
  46. We only offer returns for items that are damaged, defective, or missing components upon item received. In the event that a product arrives damaged, defective, or missing components, please drop us an email at and our customer support will contact you to assist further. Please note that all returns are subject to inspection. All packages, including original packaging, must be in its original condition.