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Hi There!

Welcome to our Komputown online store on Lelong. Brought to you by Komputown Sales and Service , our team is ready to assist you. Here is a brief summary of what we are all about.

All we do is collect JUNK. Yes. Old junks of computers that people might throw away to make space for their latest gizmos. Maybe we are hoarders, huh? But because we see value in all that. All computers taken in are given a second chance. Our technician then determines which unit moves to the display at our showroom. The rest are taken apart, kept for a time they will be needed. Sold to those looking for that very special part.

The goal is to produce computers and laptops that will be cost efficient and environmentally friendly. But how does taking apart and putting together an old computer be environmentally friendly? Its pretty simple actually. Instead of everything going waste, the working parts are re-used. While our users may not even realize it, they are contributing to nature.

Who says being green has to be expensive?

While you can get a preview here online of the treasures that we and #39;ve accumulated, do hop on by to our local store in Kuala Lumpur to see more. Or if you have any queries, just email us at komputown@yahoo.com

Good day to You !