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240 Sold 药材小笼包 Herbal Soup Dumpling
469 Sold 营养ABC肉骨汤 ABC Vegetable Stew Soup
1969 Sold 火锅涮肉片 Shabu Shabu Pork Slices
1108 Sold 芋头扣肉 Steamed Pork Belly with Yam Taro
1530 Sold 老黄瓜肉骨汤 Old Cucumber Stew Soup
3491 Sold 迷你流沙包 Mini Lao Sha Bao
5751 Sold 紫菜烧卖 Seaweed Siew Mai
7745 Sold 经典腐皮卷 Beancurd Skin Roll
19171 Sold 迷你叉烧包 Mini Char Siew Bao
32767 Sold 超入味糯米鸡 Lo Mai Kai
17122 Sold 经典烧卖 Siew Mai Dim Sum
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