Turn Rubbish to Gold natural liquid cleaner house office shop cond RM

    Turn Rubbish to Gold natural liquid cleaner house office shop cond RM

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    Turn Rubbish to Gold natural liquid cleaner house office shop cond RM

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     Environmental Enzymes 环保酵素 
    Enzim alam Sekitar ( DIY Pencuci )

    ( e-book )
    RM 3.90
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    RM 3.90  

    location Cheras ,Pahang Temerluh  

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    Environmental Enzymes 环保酵素 中文说明在下面 )

    Turn The Rubbish into Gold
    Safe our Earth , Safe our next Generations
    Safe our Earth , Save your money, let's help in anti global warming effectively
    Turn your kitchen waste to multipurpose natural liquid cleaner ; air purifier; deodorizer; insecticide; detergent; body care; car care; organic fertilizer, etc.
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    Get our Simple DIY Environmental Enzymes --- e-book Guide     NOW !!!

    arrow-9.gif image by best4u99-lelong-com-my  Benefits
    Save money: Turn kitchen waste to DIY natural household cleaners.
    Multiple usage: Natural household cleaner; air purifier; deodorizer; insecticide; detergent; body care; car care; organic fertilizer, etc.
    Reduce pollution: Methane gas released from disposed garbage can trap 21 times more heat than CO2, worsen the global warming.
    Purify air: Remove odor. Dissolve toxic air released from smoking, car exhaust, chemical residues from household products, etc.
    Purify underground water: Enzyme that flow underground will eventually purify the river ad the sea.
    Natural pesticides: Reduce mosquitoes, flies, rats or cockroach, etc.
    Anti-bacterial and virus: Natural antiseptic for your home.
    Prevent drainpipe blockage: Release residues accumulated in the pipe of basins or toilet bowls.

    Enzyme Anti Greenhouse effect
    As the result in enzyme production, O3 + NO3 + CO3 generated could purify the cloud and becomes white color; due to reflection from the sea the sky looks blue. But, instead dark cloud which accumulated a lot of heavy metal become greenhouse effect and more heat are trapped on the earth. The O3 from Garbage Enzyme could reduce the heavy metal in the cloud thus heat are released from the earth, that’smaintaining the earth’s temperature and save the atmosphere and global. 
    If every household make enzyme, this would help in anti global warming effectively.

    ECO Enzyme is the solution to recover our ozone layer and lower the global temperature. Discover the endless benefits of this Earth-Saving enzyme you can make in your kitchen. It is rewarding to heal the Earth.
    More NO3 in the air can feed the plant. The plants will growth well. The root can let the animal alive, and animal give their waste to the plant more hormone and nutrition.

    For Agriculture
    Reduce over-use of chemicals in the agriculture. Keep the farm free from infections and insects.
    Enzyme can fertilize the soil for healthy vegetable growing.
    It is natural hormone for plants and trees as well as natural herbicide and Pesticide. Enzyme can also cultivate sandy land to fertile farm land which is suitable for planting.
    It also keeps the air in the farm atmosphere clean and cool, clean impure and dirty water in the farm.

    For House Hold
    Enzyme is a popular household cleanser, cleaning with enzyme is a smart way to avoid using harsh chemicals. By the end those Enzyme will reach to the river & the sea and it will safe our environment.
    Remove the foul odor, mold and grime in kitchen and bathroom
    Anti bacterial and virus
    Help in driving away insects
    Remove odor  from pets and cigarettes
    For ticks and carpets
    For ironing and washing
    For hallway and bedroom
    For car maintenance

    ECO Enzyme is a complex solution produced by fermentation of fresh kitchen waste (fruit and vegetable dregs), brown sugar and water. It is dark brown and has a strong sweet sour fermented scent. Garbage Enzyme is a multipurpose liquid and its applications covers household, agriculture, animal husbandry, etc.

    Change Climate
    From day one you start making Garbage Enzyme its catalyses process will release ozone gas (O3). O3 canreduce carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere and heavy metal that traps heat in the cloud. Hence heat can be release from the Earth, reducing greenhouse and global warming effects.

    Enzyme converts 
    ammonia to nitrate (NO3), a natural hormone and nutrient for plants. Meanwhile it converts CO2 to carbonate (CO3) which is beneficial to sea plants and marine life.
    Plus much-much more ……

    How to make  "Green enzyme" ?
    simple material to be used ,that’s only food residue (fruit and vegetable dregs), brown sugar and water.
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    Act now ,
    Get our Simple DIY Environmental Enzymes --- Guide   NOW !!!
    We will teach you all .Turn your kitchen waste to multipurpose natural liquid cleaner; air purifier; deodorizer; insecticide; detergent; body care; car care; organic fertilizer, etc.
    RTM 2 video on below link


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    立刻购买我們簡單的自制DIY环保酵素---指南 !!!

    為甚麽要做环保酵素 ?




    在整個過程中能將不能分解的重金屬與其它有的人工化學廢物都變成有利於大自然的產品。在日本酵素對農作物 海帶,紫菜、水稻增產量多且品質優良


    酵素在养分充足条件下,pH 值在3.5 以下也能正常生存。

    CH3COOH+O1+O2 = O3+H2O

    • 若用已酿制三个月的环保酵素来洗厕所,可防止水管堵塞,厕所没有臭味。
    • 蚊子、苍蝇、老鼠、蟑螂的数量会减少。
    • 更有效的洗衣、洗碗、抹地。
    • 可用来清洗抽风机、冷气机、汽车。
    • 可加入沐浴、洗发水等减少化学污染与破坏。
    • 去除异味、霉菌、尘垢、污秽、油污等。
    • 可抗家畜、香烟及空气中的臭味并当作空气清新剂使用。
    • 减少垃圾,从而减轻社会处理垃圾的负担及费用。
    • 对身体有害的微生物也会被分解和消灭。

    立刻购买我們簡單的自制DIY环保酵素---指南 !!!


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