Water Kefir for Good Health

    Water Kefir for Good Health

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    Water Kefir for Good Health


    Water Kefir for Good Health

    4 tablespoons of Water Kefir Grains

    Water Kefir is very low-cost to prepare and you will save a lot from buying probiotic supplements which will cost much money. Water Kefir is a probiotic beverage made with kefir grains.

    Water kefir grains is made with sugar water, Kefir grains consist of bacteria and yeast existing in a symbiotic relationship. The term kefir grains describes the look of the culture only.

    Kefir grains contain no actual "grains" such as wheat, rye, etc.

    They are a natural supplier of Probiotics to our digestive track. Probiotics refers to the healthy bacteria that usually feed on the “bad” unhealthy bacteria in our stomach and intestines. Bacterial overgrowth can lead to many illnesses some of which include fungi, yeast infections, indigestion, obesity, Irritable Bowel Syndrome + Crohn’s Disease (autoimmune disorder stems from these), skin disorders, etc. By drinking water kefir you will bring natural balance to your internal microflora.

    The word “probiotic” is a combination of the words “pro,” meaning “for,” and “biotic,” meaning “life.” This essentially means that probiotics are “for life,” an appropriate name considering they help promote proper digestion, nutrient absorption, and healthy immune system function of our bodies. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria that live in our digestive tracts. Prebiotics are the food that these friendly bacteria eat. When taken together, they can work in tandem to provide a number of useful health benefits.

    Water Kefir (Tibicos, Búlgaros, Japanese Water Crystals, California Bees) is a wonderful mildly zesty fermented sugar-water beverage. It can be likened to a natural, light and refreshing soda - perfect for a healthy drink alternative. It can also be used to make Tepache. It has a low glycemic load and no caffeine either. Most speculate it originated in Mexico where it thrived in the sugary water of the Ountia (prickly pear) cactus

    Authentic kefir can only be made by real kefir grains, not from any kind of packet or powder. The unique live and self-propagating grains make this a beverage you cannot find in the stores. The grains range in color from clear to brown depending on the sugar used when fermenting!

    Water Kefir, like milk kefir, is simple to make. It is fermented at room temperature with kefir grains, water, sugar and dried fruit for about 48 hours. It has many health benefits, a great flavor and is also well-tolerated by many diabetics (unlike regular soda pop). It's much easier to make than yogurt, beer or wine, has a larger spectrum of probiotics and the sustainable grains make it very economical.

    Water kefir is simply sugar-water that is fermented at room temperature with kefir grains for about 48 hours. It has many wonderful health benefits and can be better tolerated than a soda for diabetics because of its lower GL (due to its acidic nature). It's a wonderful alternative for those who are lactose intolerant or sensitive to casein in dairy. Water kefir is full of probiotics and can have just as many (if not different) benefits than traditional yogurt or milk kefir. The affordability of sugar and water makes it not only healthier than most beverages, but cheaper too. The reusable, sustainable grains also make it more economical.
    Kefir has gained in popularity lately, due to interest in local, economical and responsible eating, combined with a greater awareness of the health benefits of probiotics.
    No need to buy Yakult, Vitagen, etc as these have very little strains of friendly bacteria and no friendly yeasts.
    But with that popularity has come a load of misinformation and deceiving products on the web. Authentic kefir can only be made by real kefir grains, not from any kind of packet or powder. Kefir available at the stores are simply imitations. This is due to regulations to ensure consistent products, ingredients, bottling procedures and to comply with packaging and shipping standards. As with most nutritious foods, real kefir can only be made and experienced at home.
    Authentic kefir can only be made by real kefir grains, not from any kind of packet or powder. The unique live and self-propagating grains make this a beverage you cannot find in the stores. The grains range in color from clear to brown depending on the sugar used when fermenting!
    · Inhibits the growth of unfriendly bacteria and yeasts, and helps beneficial probiotic microorganisms to colonise and thrive in your digestive tract, and throughout the test of the body (skin, eyes, bladder, vagina, nose, throat, etc).
    Contributes to a healthy immune system. · Reduces inflammation. · Helps with the digestion of food and micronutrients. The KEY for health and longevity is good digestion, and a balance of good bacteria are the essential starting point. · Heals, or reduces the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome IBS) including bloating, indigestion, flatulence,diarrhoea/constipation, nausea, low energy.
    · Increased energy and overall feeling of good health. ·Can stop unhealthy food cravings, especially for sugars and sweet foods. ·
    Water kefir grains are reusable. Once your kefir is finished culturing, keep 3 tablespoons of water kefir grains to continue the same process of culturing them in added fresh sugar water in the bottle. And remove the extra water kefir grains (can be eaten raw or mixed in with vegetables and eaten).
    Water Kefir is very cheap to prepare and you will save a lot from buying probiotic supplements which will cost much money.
    Directions :
    3 tablespoons of Water Kefir Grains
    8 tablespoons of brown sugar (cane sugar),
    I use black sugar; white sugar also can be used
    1 litre of un-chlorinated water or mineral water
    Fermentation time is within 36 - 48 hours in a cool dry place.
    Instructions for Preparing Water Kefir
    Items needed:
    1) . 8 – 9 tablespoons (100g) of sugary stuff (brown sugar, white sugar, molasses, gula melaka - a combination of these can be used..
    2). 2 X 1 litre empty bottles
    3). Funnel (optional) if pouring into narrow neck bottles
    4). Plastic/Nylon sieve
    5). Stainless steel spoon or wooden spoon
    6). 3 tablespoons of Water Kefir Grains
    7). 1 litre (4 cups) of un-chlorinated water
    1 Heat 250 ml of water, pour sugar into boiling water turn off heat, stir until sugar is melted, if using molasses – just pour into warm water as it can melt without much heat.
    2 Put Water Kefir grains into an empty bottle (if using narrow-necked bottles you need a funnel) and rinse with lukewarm water. Pour away rinsed water.
    3 Fill the other empty bottle with 600 ml of lukewarm water and pour the sugary water in. You now have 850 ml of diluted sugary water.
    4. If the temperature of the diluted sugary water is cooled – pour it into the bottle with the Water Kefir grains. Add more plain water o that the water level should be about 1 inch short from the bottleneck as some air space is needed. You have just completed the 1st FERMENTATION.
    5. You can keep this 1st FERMENTATION in ambient or room temperature or in the fridge door compartment.
    For keeping in room temperature you need to HARVEST between 36 – 48 hours. For keeping in fridge you can HARVEST in 7 – 10 days as the cold temperature will keep the bacteria from consuming the sugar (food) fast.
    Please do not store the grains in the fridge when they arrive, start brewing straight away.
    Kindly allow a few brews before the grain stabilizes itself and gives you the good tasting kefir.
    It is quite normal to see a thin film of gel or white powdery layer forming on the surface of the brew for the first few brews. Just scoop the gel out and discard. Do not consume the first brew (strained at 48 hrs).
    You may drink the second brew when if it turns sour and less sweet. The finished product will smell vinegary.
    Start slow on the consumption (eg. 50-100ml) to avoid any strong initial reaction to certain individuals.
    2nd FERMENTATION – Strain out the first FERMENTATION water with sieve - pour into an empty bottle and keep in fridge for your consumption. And repeat the same process for 1st FERMENTATION.
    My Water Kefir Grains are cultivated in Brown Sugar with added Multiminerals from a well-known brand. You can add minerals from supplements as the bacteria thrive on minerals.
    So repeat the 1st FERMENTATION process with 3 -5 tablespoons of WK grains. The extra WK grains - you can eat with salad or put into soil (good for adding friendly bacteria to soil)
    If you do not want to to ferment in too short a time then just place in refrigerator in the door compartment - fermentation can last for 7 - 12 days. The kefir grains due to the cold will not consume the sugar fast.
    NOTE: You are getting 4 tablespoons water kefir grains. Please be informed that at the time of harvesting and setting aside your purchased or ordered water kefir grains it will be measured 4 tablespoons full - due to the time taken to send to prospective customer that the water kefir grains can shrink in size as have been experienced by a customer so take note that when it reaches the potential customer there may be less then the stated amount. The water kefir grains are living organisms so they can also increase and decrease in size! I have personally thrown some water kefir grains in the compost pile and they have increase 3 X 4 times in size!
    The water kefir grains will be packed with ice (separate) to keep the grains from dehydrating and sugary liquid to feed it (with the cold the grains will not feed much). Poslaju normally will reach all destinations in Peninsular Malaya within 24 hours as many of my customers mentioned. For East Malaysia item will reached within 48 hours except for inland areas far from Post offices. Please check Water Kefir websites for more info on this item.
    W. K. grains will be packed with ice and placed into a plastic container.
    Delivery after payment made.
    For self collect a Discount of RM6.00 is given (contact no. must be given).
    Free Delivery to W. Malaysia .For E. Malaysia: Add RM6.00 - Sabah; RM5.00 - Sarawak (subsidized))

    To purchase or to enquire, e mail to jalkent7@yahoo.com.

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