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How to advertise in Lelong ?
1. Register as a Lelong member, if you are not already one. To register please click here.
2. Prepare a banner according to the size that you have selected
3. To start your advertisement, please click here.
4. Within the next 24 hours, we will activate your advertisement.
*Note : we reserve the rights to approve advertisement on our discretion..

For more information, please read our FAQ below.

Frequently Asked Question

a. What If I am not a member but interested to place "DIY Banner Ads" at ?
If you are not a member, you still can place your banner on website. Please submit your enquiry to

b. How do I pay ?
Top up your iAccount online via credit card (for verified members) or Maybank2U. Cash payment is also accepted at our office.

c. How much do I have to pay ?

 It depends on the number of weeks you intend to have your advertisement displayed. Your banner can be as low as RM 3.00 per day. Minimum advertisement period is 1 week     (7 days).

d. How is the position of the button advertisement ?

Buttons are served on a first-come-first serve basis. Your ad will be positioned sequentially (according to order of submission), till it expires.

e. If my file size or image size exceed your required 12 kb / 130 x 30 pixel ?

For 130x30 pixel, your button cannot exceed the file size of 12KB For 468x60 pixel top     section ads, your banner cannot exceed 16KB Your banner will not be able to upload if it exceed the file size limit. To make it simple, you can create a text button which require no designing skills. We do not take in flash banner for the moment.

f. Can I change my url / pixel while my advertisement campaign is running.

No, you cannot change it yourself unless you contact us.

g. What kind of site can I advertise ?

Any site. However, by default, we do not accept portal, classifieds, news, e-mall and site  with competitive nature to our business. We reserve the rights whether to accept or reject any advertisement.

h. Can I stop the campaign half way ?


i. Can I place more than 1 advertisement ?

Yes, each advertisement is treated as a campaign, you can start as many as you want, or repeat the same button for maximum exposure !

j. Can I resell Lelong DIY Advertisement ?

No, you can't. This feature enables our members to promote their item at a low cost. You cannot advertise this banner on other people's behalf.

k. How we sort the banner position ?

Cost Per day Per 30 pixel.

Example, if you place 130 x 60 pixel ads, you bid for RM10.00, your cost per 30 pixel will be RM5 / 30pixel / day. Our system will determined the
position base on this value.


Here's the help files and also Video Clips / Online Video Guide to help you DIY your advertisement

Type of Banners :

Video : Text DIY Banner

Video : DIY Banner

Help : Text DIY Banner

Help : DIY Banner

7. Word which is not allowed to appear in DIY.

18Sx, sexual, adult(s)